Monday, 13 February 2012

She’s the One

“I saw you,” she said.  “I saw you and I knew.”

Story 6 in Kissing Velvet, She’s the One is darker than some of the other stories, exploring the psychology of sub/dom dynamics. It’s also about the importance of trust and the consequences of betrayal. I was doing a lot of reflection at the time, I think, and trying to analyse my emotions and thoughts.  It’s deeply personal on many levels.  Maybe a bit confused.  I don’t often write from a male POV and I hope it works.  I’m very much there in the story.  Rope, clothes pegs, spanking, and an incident in a Brighton sauna all feature and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Happy Valentine's Day....

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Truth and fantasy

Does an authentic experience make your writing more valid?  Does it actually make it more believable to the reader?  I sometimes ask myself this question.  When I was younger, I assumed that if you are writing about an incident that really happened it made the writing better, but looking back I can see this is a fallacy.  

When I review my work,  sometimes when I have been so keen to get it down on paper and share a real experience the quality of the writing isn’t always as good.  And at times, the story doesn’t work even though I want it to or feel it should.   I think if I was writing Kissing Velvet again it might be different.  But when it was written, it reflected where I was in my life at that time and I was passionate to include certain events and sensations and emotions.  There was an urgency to it.   

In the past,  I once included an actual experience in my writing where the publisher dismissed what I wrote as fantasy, saying that couldn’t possibly have happened.  It annoyed me and the reason I fought to keep it in was because it did happen.  In the end, though, I took the incident out and on reflection it improved the writing.  But it was hard to let it go, because it was personal.  I got quite defensive.

I’m hoping I now have the maturity to accept that writing about the truth is a completely separate issue from the quality of the writing.  

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tom’s Party

I was just looking at Tom's Party, story 14 of Kissing Velvet, set in the Garden of England  - Kent -  once more.  Tom’s parties were excellent, back in the days…..   

They took place in an enormous barn, off a long country lane in the middle of nowhere.  Great music and atmosphere.  Tom, if you ever get to read this, thanks for organising that memorable Halloween party (and incident in the portaloo) that inspired this tale.   Experience plus imagination = erotic fiction  (although the reader is always the judge).