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KD Grace Guest Post: Sex and that Chain Reaction

I'm delighted that the wonderful KD Grace has written a guest post for my blog series Sexy Stories: fiction that turns me on, in which she discusses Sex and that Chain Reaction.
Over to you, KD.....

Thanks for having me over to talk about my favourite sexy books, Elizabeth. I have to say the task was a bit more daunting than you might expect. I’m sorry to say that I read very little erotica before I started writing it. What I loved back in my pre-erotica days, what intrigued me most in novels, was chemistry; was the sense of two people so drawn together that the end of the world itself couldn’t keep them a part. And that chemistry, that magnetism translated into love scenes so vivid and so real that they made my knees weak and left me thinking about the scene, the characters and the book long after I’d reached the end. Sometimes that scene would be really hot and other times it would be different than hot. Other times it was more like magic, more like a chain reaction that I, as a reader felt, in my gut and in my heart as well as in my knickers. In fact, feeling it in my knickers was sort of incidental.

My first experiences of that feeling were in myths; Psyche and Eros, Lancelot and Guinevere, Tristan and Isolde. The truth is, since I write erotic romance, I look for that same chain reaction, that same sense of chemistry and magnetism in the erotica I read as well. And I try my best to create it in the erotica I write.

Two books, in particular, have really influenced the way I write both sex and romance. Nora Roberts’s Black Hills is one of them.

I’ve never read a book where the chemistry between the two main characters and just the bond of camaraderie was so strong. To me, Nora Roberts is the queen of romance, and her romance is sexy. I figure I can learn a lot from her.

The other novel is The Mists of Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s classic retelling of the King Arthur legend through the eyes of the female Characters, in particular through the eyes of Morgain. Marion Zimmer Bradley’s writings, both Avalon and her syfy/fantasy Darkover novels, caused me to rethink my views on sex and the magic that’s created in that sexual connection between two people. Her writing was influential in the ideas of sex magic, which drive my Lakeland Heatwave Trilogy.

Now that I’ve had time to read some really great erotic novels, though not as much time as I’d like to, when there are so many fabulous ones out there, my favourite is Charlotte Stein’s intense and sexy novel, Control. I love the novel because the characters are powerfully drawn and the lust and the chemistry between them is about as close to magic as you can get. One of the best things I like about Charlotte’s writing is that she really gets inside her characters’ heads, and so much of what’s sexy happens in the minds of the characters. Charlotte has a gift for describing what’s going on in her character’s heads in a way that makes what their bodies are doing even sexier.

If you ask me this same question several years from now, Elizabeth, I’m sure my list will be longer and more varied, but I think the expanded book list will still be dominated by stories where that chemistry and magnetism between characters drives the story. Thanks again for having me over.

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  1. Great post - and there sure is nothing sexier than a powerful connection!