Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Photographer

“Let me in , Tia.  Let me lose myself in your body.”

The Photographer is the 13th tale in my collection Kissing Velvet.  Classic sub female/dom male fare, it’s one of my favourites. It was great fun to write, having spent some time in my early twenties doing nude and glamour modelling for a photographic studio in Brighton to earn extra cash when I was a student.   

The whip features a good deal in this story - and the blurring of the boundaries between pleasure and pain……..

Friday, 20 January 2012

The Watcher

This was one of those “What if” stories.  A bit dreamy.  I wrote this at night, imagining Marla alone in her flat.  And I had been indulging in a fair bit of phone sex at the time.  I had also been using a few online dating contact sites too.  So some of this found a way into the story.   I did get turned on writing it, imagining Marla and The Watcher’s erotic games.  At the time, I realised I had a strong exhibitionist streak, which needed an outlet. I especially enjoyed writing about the incident in the riding stables, which is a reference to the original Belle de Jour film with Catherine Deneuve.         

A later incident in the story echoes Story of O.

The Watcher explores sexual addiction and obsession - and vulnerability.   I’m still not entirely sure about the ending, although it works, I think.   You may disagree.

As The Watcher says, “We all have an alter ego.  The watcher is part of me but he isn’t all of me.”

I’ll just add that, like Marla, walking across a car park at night, completely naked, is great for an adrenalin buzz!

Saturday, 14 January 2012


It makes me smile when I read this story, which appears second in my collection Kissing Velvet.  “Shona” was a friend I used to go clubbing with regularly.  The club I mention no longer exists but the pub is still there.  It’s in a Kent village.  

Yes, I did reverse into a car parked in the pub car park, having got lost.  And yes, that car belonged to the barman.  Very embarrassing.  


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Two to Tango

I’m not sure if I wrote this story first, or if it just happens to appear first in my collection Kissing Velvet.
At the time, I was passionate about Argentine Tango and had been going to classes in London and Surrey several times a week.  An intensely sensual partner dance , I adored it.  So my character, Rachel, meets her mystery man at a tango class.  She shares a dance with a woman first and one of my most sensual tango experiences was dancing with a firm but gentle young woman at a tango party in Hastings.  I wore a short tasselled black skirt and heels and bodice top.  Dressing up was part of the fun.  It was incredibly sexy and I have this dance on videotape at the bottom of a storage box somewhere, as friends filmed some of the party.  It felt strange when I watched it again, stirring up unsettling memories.  

“Be where I am,” she said. 

In my story, Rachel then dances with her tall dark stranger, with her eyes shut throughout.  Again, I have wonderful memories of dancing tango with my eyes closed, with a variety of male partners.  So intense, so profound.  

I was a fan of the 1990 film Naked Tangowhich was a huge turn on, and my heroine, Rachel, gets to experience her own naked tango.  

The tango is part of a flashback, with the opening of the story a set of phone instructions from her mysterious lover.  Those instructions were totally authentic and I had followed them precisely.  They were posted to me, typed onto an A4 sheet of white paper.  Unsigned.  I still have them.  

Like Rachel, I slept on a futon and my favourite book was The Story of O.  Story Of O

Max told Rachel,  “You will always belong to me.”  I can still hear his voice uttering those words, and I shudder at the tone.  And we went for a walk in the moonlight - me naked - just like Rachel and Max. 

The rest is fiction……….

The second tale in the collection is called Cars.  Now that’s another story, and will probably be the subject of my next blog.

This novel is fiction...?

When you re-read your past work, you usually see flaws.  Patterns.  And your own preoccupations at the time.  Your own writing (and other) fetishes.  Mine appear to have included shiny high heels, red lipstick and women wearing nothing beneath their coats. 

Kissing Velvet was written over a 6 month period if I recall correctly.  I had a deadline, and in order to put myself under more pressure, I set myself a relatively short one.  Before this, 7 of my erotic stories had been published in Forum magazine (thank you, Elizabeth Coldwell, for being such a brilliant and supportive editor) and a racy story in Chat.  Although I was an experienced and regularly published writer, erotica was a relatively new genre for me and I’m grateful that Adrian Wilkins, who runs Chimera publishing, had faith in me.  It was a lot harder than I had imagined producing seventeen different short stories.  

The inside cover states “This novel is fiction.”  

But aren't writers supposed to write from experience?   Hmmm……….

Sunday, 8 January 2012

First post

Kissing Velvet was written during 2002-2003 and published by Chimera.  It's a collection of 17 short erotic stories, featuring sexually submissive females.  Although the original is now out of print, it is available  to buy on Amazon as a Kindle edition.

Much of my erotica is written from personal experience and the inspiration for many of the stories in Kissing Velvet was an ex-lover who sadly passed away some years ago.  I am glad that he saw the book long before he became ill.  In a way, it was a kind of love letter, a thank you for the experiences we were able to share. 

In future blogs, I will take each of the stories in the collection and talk about how and why the story was written.