Sunday, 30 September 2012

Thank you D.L.King

“A beautiful story.” 
Three words used to describe Crimson Kisses.  Words, I'm proud to say,  used by D. L. King, highly acclaimed writer, author of The Melinoe Project and editor of award winning erotic anthologies including the Lamda Literary Award finalist Where the Girls are: Urban Lesbian Erotica and the Independent Publisher’s Award Gold Medallist Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica.

Her feedback gave me the confidence to publish this story.

Find out more about D.L. King on her gorgeous website.

Walking the Talk 1: Miss Glory Pearl

Throughout our lives, we encounter people who we admire and who inspire us.  Role models.  People who announce they are going to do something and then do it.  Extremely well.  Brilliantly, in fact.  And we admire them for this, for showing us what can be achieved, for walking the talk.  They touch our lives and change us.
Some years ago, I met a woman at my pole dance class who I later became friends with.  We were both beginners and pole dance lessons were a new thing.  We both worked very hard and progressed. We both became teachers.  And this woman wrote a blog, when blogs were also a new thing, and shared her hopes, dreams and plans for the future.  She was going to be a burlesque performer.  The best.
Her blog was the only one I followed avidly.  Not just because I knew her, and it was compelling and full of insight and clarity.  But because she was such a damn good writer.  (see her brilliant parody of Fifty Shades of Grey on a previous post here)

Putting yourself “out there” in the public arena, whether writing or performing, takes a lot of guts. 
That woman, Miss Glory Pearl, is one of the most talented, successful, accomplished international performers today, and I feel so proud and blessed that we are friends, that we pole danced together and now, perform regularly in our successful Wanton Words and Burlesque Bombshells show that sold out when it premiered in the Canterbury Fringe Festival in 2011. 
Miss Glory Pearl
Her professionalism and talent has encouraged and inspired me to keep going.  Working alongside Glory and the brilliant Missy Maybe has given me more confidence to read my work in public, to conquer my nerves and to enjoy it.  The shows are a joy to be part of, and to watch.  Bold, witty, intelligent, rude, naughty, fun.
Just like the incomparable Miss Glory Pearl.
The next Wanton Words and Burlesque Bombshells (Kinky Special) takes place at the Tom Thumb Theatre, Cliftonville on October 6th.
Wanton Words and Burlesque Bombshells is in the Canterbury Festival on Thursday October18th.  

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Guest Post: Smut by the Sea

Yesterday it was Smut in the City.  Today I'm pleased to be hosting a post on Smut and the City's saucy  sister, Smut by the Sea,  a light-hearted, sexy, fun-by-the-sea anthology of erotica edited by Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse

From the sun soaked bays of Australia to the rainy coastal towns of England, Smut by the Sea has it all. Whatever your interpretation of naughty seaside fun, there’s something nestling between the covers for you. Surfer boys, sea creatures, pirates and the fairground abound in this exciting collection of stories from erotica’s finest authors.



Read the excerpt:

By Lucy Felthouse
The thrum of anticipation had been rushing through my body ever since we’d set off that morning. By the time we passed the sign welcoming us to Hunstanton and made our way into the long stay car park, I was almost delirious with excitement. The worst part was, I had to hide it from my friends. As far as Sophia and Chloe were concerned, we’d just come for a nice, fun, girly day out at the seaside. They had no idea about my ulterior motive. And I didn’t intend to tell them. Until afterwards, maybe. I didn’t want to risk them ruining my master plan, or trying to talk me out of it.
So far, it seemed like everything was on our side. The traffic had been light, we’d got a parking space with no trouble, and the sun was shining. It was a perfect day, and I had every intention of putting a cherry on top of all that perfection. A very sexy cherry.
Sophia parked the car, then hopped out to go and get a parking ticket. Chloe and I got out too, stretching our limbs after being cooped up in the car for a couple of hours.
“So,” I said, tilting my head back to catch the rays of the sun on my face, “what’s the plan then?”
“I dunno,” Chloe replied. “I’ve never been here before, you have. What do you suggest?”
“Well, there’s the beach, obviously. There are amusement arcades, mini-golf, the Sealife Centre, a few shops, the old village…”
I deliberately didn’t mention the funfair. That was my destination, and I wanted to go alone.
Sophia rejoined us and put the ticket in the windscreen of the car. “Got everything, girls?”
Chloe and I nodded, and she checked for valuables before locking the doors. “So, do we know what we’re doing yet? I guess we’ll be led by you, Abigail, since you’ve been here before. Did you say you’d visited with your parents, or something?”
I moved away from the car and started to walk down towards the seafront, though purposely leading the girls in the opposite direction to the funfair. They followed without question.
I nodded. “Yeah. We used to come here all the time for family holidays when I was younger, but now we mostly come on day trips. We last came a month or so ago. I was just telling Chloe what there is to do. There’s the beach, amusement arcades, mini-golf, the Sealife Centre, a few shops, the old village…”
“Ooh,” Sophia said, doing a little jump, “I love mini-golf! Do you fancy a game of that before it gets too hot, then we’ll go from there?”
Chloe nodded her agreement, and I said, “I’ll take you there, ladies, but I can’t play.”
“Why the hell not?” Sophia asked. “It doesn’t matter if you’re crap. I’m crap at it too, it’s just a laugh.”
“No, it’s got nothing to do with being crap, Soph. I have a bad back and swinging a club around and doing all that bending is just going to make it worse.”
It was a blatant lie of course. There wasn’t a thing wrong with my back, and I was actually a little gutted not to be having a go on the best mini-golf course I’d ever played on, but missing out was a necessary evil if I was to go through with my devious plan. If it came off, then the result would be a great deal more fun than a round of mini-golf, anyway.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Guest Post: Smut in the City

Thrilled to be hosting a guest post on Smut in the City, edited by the lovely Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse.

Sultry, smouldering sex in the city is the theme of this erotic anthology, edited by Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse.
From the stifling heat of the London Underground to the crumbling walls of Rome’s Colosseum, Smut in the City has it all. Whatever your interpretation of sultry urban sex, there’s something nestling between the covers for you. Lusty couples, horny office workers, hunky bakers and gardeners, tourists and the Mafia are portrayed for your titillation in this exciting collection of stories from erotica’s finest authors.



Read the Excerpt:
Within the Crumbling Walls
By Lucy Felthouse
Exiting the Colosseo Metro station, Libby shot a grin at her boyfriend, Ciaran. “I don’t think we’ll have any trouble finding it, do you?”
“Hmm?” Ciaran frowned, then turned his gaze in the direction that Libby was pointing. He gave a sheepish smile. “No, I don’t think we will. Shall we put the map away?”
Libby nodded, and Ciaran spun round so she should take the map and load it into his backpack. Zipping it back up, she patted it twice to signal she was done. Ciaran turned and held out his hand. She took it, and together they took their lives in their hands crossing the busy Roman road and walked to the Colosseum.
Despite the early hour, the queue was already considerable, and the couple exchanged a wry look. But then Libby remembered something. “Hey, don’t look so glum babe. We can skip the queue, remember?”
Ciaran frowned. “We can?”
Pulling a small credit card shaped and sized item from her pocket, she replied, “Yes! Our Roma cards mean we can get in quicker. That was one of the selling points the rep kept going on about when she was trying to flog them to us.”
Ciaran slapped his forehead theatrically, then retrieved his own card from his pocket. “Of course!” He used his not inconsiderable height to peer over the heads of the group in front of him. “Okay, I see it. There’s a separate line for Roma Pass holders, and it’s moving tons quicker. Hurrah!”
He made his way through the crowd, using a combination of touches on people’s backs and the words “excuse me.” Libby followed quickly in his wake. Soon they were at the back of the very short and swiftly-moving queue. People passed through, showing their cards to a very stern-looking Italian man, who nodded and pointed them towards another line.
This time they scanned their cards through some kind of barcode reader, and finally, they were in. Within the crumbling walls of the ancient Colosseum, probably the most famous landmark in Rome. Looking around, Libby could see why.
Photos and videos didn’t do it justice. She wasn’t sure if Colosseum translated to colossal or not, but it was certainly the most apt word to describe the place. It really was huge—and they hadn’t even seen the best part yet. Following Ciaran from the ticket booth area—which was literally within the great walls—they passed out into the open area in the middle. Libby gasped. It was amazing.
They were at ground level, with two or three levels above—she wasn’t sure which—and of course, the one below. Where the gladiators, warriors and fierce creatures would have been kept before being forced to fight in the arena.
Realising Ciaran was gaping at the sight before them too, she encouraged him forward. “Come on, we’re kind of in the way here.” Looking left, she saw an area which was fenced off and held warning signs urging the public not to enter. Libby snorted. The whole place was falling to pieces, how could they possibly deem one section more dangerous than another?
Shaking her head, she turned her attention to the right and saw an area which would allow them a better view of the arena floor. She grabbed Ciaran’s hand and pulled him with her.
Leaning on a barrier and looking out, Libby saw that arena “floor” was not an accurate description. At one end of the enormous structure, a wooden base had been erected, but the rest of the oval was open, displaying what lay beneath. It looked like a labyrinth, and suddenly she became aware of an English-speaking tour guide telling his group the history of the place. She eavesdropped for a while, then fell to thinking how lucky she was to have been born in this day and age. She’d never know anyone who’d be thrown to their deaths in such a place—or be forced to watch them killed in such a brutal manner.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

I've been a naughty girl....

I've been a very naughty girl.  I know I shouldn’t have done, but I checked the stats for my recent kindle books, Crimson Kisses, Second Helpings and Love Bites.  And Second Helpings was downloaded a total of 1051 times over the free promo 5 day period.  Now I don’t know if that is good or bad because I’ve got nothing to compare it to.  But I feel really happy that so many people are reading it – and hopefully enjoying it!

STOP PRESS - just had my first reviews on  for Love Bites and Second Helpings - both 5 Stars!  

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Talking, Reading and Questions

I’ve got quite a few events coming up in October.  
On Saturday 6th, I’m part of the highly successful Wanton Words and Burlesque Bombshells Show at the gorgeous Tom Thumb Theatre in Cliftonville (see events for details), followed by an invite only talk at a Writers Long Table Lunch on 12th, and then our popular Wanton Words show makes a return to the Canterbury Fringe Festival on Thursday 18th  (it was a sell-out last year, so get your tickets now!). Whenever I give a talk or reading, people ask questions.  And not just about the writing.  So over a series of blog posts, I’m going to include the most often asked, with some answers.  Three at a time.  Here we go. 
Q. What was your childhood ambition?  
A: To be a writer.  For as long as I can remember.
Q. But what was your first actual paid job?  
A: I’ve had loads of jobs, but when I was a teenager I worked as a waitress and washer-up in a greasy spoon cafĂ© every Saturday.  I came home reeking of grease and fat but one of the perks was free pies and trifles! 
Q. How did you end up being an erotic writer? 
A: By accident in a way.  I was writing literary stories that were considered too racy and advised to send them to an erotic magazine, which I did.  I was then told they weren’t raunchy enough, so I put plenty of sex in and hey presto – my career as an erotic writer was launched.
If you have a burning question you would like to ask, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer..  

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Naughty Little Secrets: Elizabeth Cage Guest Post on Erotica for All

Check out my guest post on the wonderful Erotica for All website.  It's called Naughty Little Secrets.  It starts like this....

The commercial success of Fifty Shades of Grey has spawned a host of patronising and downright irritating articles about erotica. Phrases like “new world of feminised erotic fiction” abound. New? How new is new? Fifty Shades is referred to as a “breakout clit lit novel” or “posh porn”. The media do love labels...... 

Go to to read the rest....

Erotica For All

Monday, 17 September 2012

Guest Post: Penelope Friday

I'm jolly pleased to be posting a guest blog from the wonderful erotica writer Penelope Friday
Penelope Friday has been writing for Xcite since its inception and was one of the writers commissioned for their new Secret Library line.  Her erotic fiction has been published worldwide.  Visit her website at

One Long Hot Summer - 3 erotic romance novellas (The Secret Library)

I have a confession to make. I don't like chocolate.

Oh, don't get me wrong: I don't dislike chocolate. But I can take it or leave it (except white chocolate, which I'd definitely leave). No, I have a different vice, and my comfort food of choice is crisps.  Mmmmmmmmm, crisps.

But crisps have one disadvantage when compared to chocolate: they are Not Erotic. You've never read a scene where someone slowly and gently fed cheese and onion crisps into their lover's mouth, have you? There's been no story when 'She sprinkled little bits of hula hoops over his body and licked them off'. It just doesn't work. You can eat a mars bar in a sensual fashion, but somehow you can't do the same with a cheesey Wotsit.

This is extremely distressing to me, as you might imagine. It affects my writing – no, really, it does! When other writers sit down with their sexy snack and think “ooh, imagine Tall Dark James smothering Blond God Sebastian in gooey chocolate,” I'm there with my crisps doubting my entire profession on the basis of my choice of snack. Should I have chosen a different genre?

Come to that, what sort of writing would be appropriate for a crisp-lover? I don't really feel they're a fantasy writer's staple, and although there's something vaguely sci fi-ish about the packaging of crisps (vacuum packs are on the way, I'm sure), I'm not convinced by that, either. I think, on the whole, I'm going to have to take up gritty drama. “She sat on the front step of the terrace, watching the rubbish blow down the narrow street and chewing on a Nik Nak.”

Alas, it seems my career in erotica may be all but over – and it's all down to my love of crisps....

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Kinky Special on October 6th with Elizabeth Cage


I'm giving more readings at the Tom Thumb Theatre in Cliftonville on October 6th with the wonderful burlesque performers Miss Glory Pearl and Miss Maybe plus special guests.  It's the kinky special - I can't wait!  A spanking good time guaranteed!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

FREE app to download e-books onto a PC

I have just been informed that if you don't have a kindle you can download ebooks onto a pc as long as you have an Amazon account.  I hadn't realised this but apparently there is a free app you can get from Amazon and the link is below.  HURRAH!

Monday, 10 September 2012

FREE erotica by Elizabeth Cage until Friday!

Okay, this really is the last plug for my recent 3 titles - because they are all available FREE OF CHARGE from midnight Monday 10th September until 11.59pm Friday 14th September.  Go to Amazon by clicking on the side links on the blog home page.  
Titles are:

Crimson Kisses
Second Helpings
Love Bites

(Ooh, I have just discovered I can write my posts in different colours - after only 8 months of blogging....)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Second Helpings - more erotic short stories by Elizabeth Cage

Second Helpings is a new collection of my erotic short stories from Velvet Kiss Press.  No, it's not a cookery book. But it does have plenty of sauce.....(cheesy, I know).

Surely everyone deserves a second chance? Three sexy stories. Quirky, romantic erotica with a twist. 

Words and Actions
Alys’s drunken one night stand with an ex-boyfriend puts her relationship with her beloved partner Lee in jeopardy, leaving her desperate to put things right. On the way to a party, their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere on a dark and stormy night and Lee’s unexpected behaviour is both surprising and arousing….

Two Hearts
Lucy knows deep down that her passionate affair with married businessman Callum is going nowhere, but when he suggests an erotic encounter in a graveyard, what happens next leads Lucy to a sexy stranger who may be the one to find her heart. 

Second Helpings
Shannon and Jay’s sex life has taken a nose dive so Shannon decides it’s time to spice things up. But an invitation to dinner with Jay’s sophisticated parents leads to an evening full of raunchy surprises – and a life changing decision.

Second Helpings

Love Bites - short erotic stories by Elizabeth Cage

Love Bites is a collection of my short stories now available for download to kindle from Velvet Kiss Press. Having been pleased with my snappy title I have discovered that there are lots and lots of books with the same title - especially in the vampire erotica genre.  Obvious really, I suppose.  Just one of the many lessons learned on the e-publishing journey....

Passionate encounters in unexpected places. Three sensual, quirky, erotic tales.
Private Dancer
Allegra loves dancing. Then she discovers she’s being watched from a window by her neighbour, the enigmatic John Goodheart. At first she’s annoyed, but then she starts to put on a private show for him, night after night. She enjoys these erotic games. But could he turn out to be a stalker – or a lover?

Room Service
A weekend in a Cardiff hotel turns out to offer unexpected delights for Cherie. While her boyfriend is at the World Speedway Championships, she anticipates spending a quiet evening in the hotel sauna and jacuzzi. But after an earlier brush with the maintenance staff, things are about to get steamy - and Cherie gets the chance to relive her favourite sexual fantasy.

Love Bites
Kelly’s rampant appetite for sex has given her a reputation as a voracious man-eater. But when she flirts with the shy deejay at a boring office party, has she bitten off more than she can chew?

Love Bites

The birth of Velvet Kiss Press

Crimson KissesAfter talking about it, I have finally (and scarily) published three of my new titles as e-books, which are now available to download from Amazon.  The first is Crimson Kisses. I love all the covers designed by the excellent designer Klaus Hartleben, but this is my favourite.

I'll devote a separate post to each title.  Feedback and reviews are a writer's lifeblood, so all gratefully received.

An exploration of the darker side of love...... 

In the short story Crimson Kisses, Maya wonders if her broken heart can ever be healed after she is deserted by her lover, Bharti. But her solitude is eased when she takes in a mysterious stray cat who provides the unconditional love she desires. Or so she believes. But in her dreams she experiences increasingly dark and sinister erotic fantasies. She begins to retreat from reality, preferring the twilight world she shares with her supernatural lover, and discovers that the intense love she desires so powerfully is within her reach. At a terrifying price. 

In Bleeding: anatomy of an erotic obsession, the narrator uses poetry to chart an intense love affair which encompasses a possible sadomasochistic element.