Saturday, 26 April 2014

Libertango and Grace Jones

I love Argentine tango, and Piazzolla's Libertango is one of my favourite pieces, so I especially enjoyed this sexy version of Astor Piazzolla's Libertango with vocals from the amazing Grace Jones.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Precious Orchids: Day 6

Read the final part  of Precious Orchids by Elizabeth Cage!
photo Roger Hyland

When Harry arrived back at the house over an hour later, I was already soaking in the bath, the make-up, the wig, removed, all physical traces of the burlesque performer gone.
‘Hey, love, I thought you’d be in bed,’ he mumbled, leaning over to kiss me lightly on the forehead.  ‘Sorry I’m so late. You didn’t wait up, did you?’  He sounded so normal.  It was unnerving.  For a moment, I just stared at him, searching his face for clues.  But he wasn’t giving anything away.
‘You look really sexy lying there, the water lapping at your gorgeous big breasts,’ he said dreamily.  ‘God, Jo, I’m getting quite turned on just looking at you.’
The man’s insatiable, I thought, recalling his rock hard cock ramming me earlier, but I felt simultaneously flattered, if a little surprised by his response.  I should have been sleepy by now, especially after soaking in the steamy hot water, but my mind was wired, replaying everything that had happened since I became Miss Scarlet Blue.  But now it was Harry’s turn to play the seduction game. Peeling off his crumpled jacket and creased shirt and dropping them onto the bathroom floor, he leaned over me, his breath on my neck. 
‘Let me wash your hair, darling,’ he said gently, and I closed my eyes as he lovingly shampooed my naturally flame-red locks, his long fingers massaging my scalp tenderly before rinsing it clean, the shower head spraying soothing jets of warm water down my back. ‘Sorry I’m so late,’ he said again, and he must have repeated it several more times while he towelled me dry, caressing every inch of my body, lingering on my breasts and the empty space between my thighs.  I groaned while he rubbed exotic jasmine scented moisturising cream into my silky smooth skin.  He was naked too by now, and he pulled me towards him, his hardness pressing against my stomach. Kissing me softly, he took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Then he fucked me the way he had in the hotel only hours before, passionately, with almost violent force, his cock thrusting and pumping and deliciously punishing me until my poor cunt ached. 
‘Your precious orchid bud will be sore tomorrow,’ he whispered. 
‘I don’t care,’ I gasped, my heart beating madly. 
When we’d both climaxed again, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer as we lay panting, trying to get our breath back.  I gazed at him, his face so familiar yet, suddenly, so different.  I stared deeply into his eyes.  My smile bitter sweet, I said, ‘You remind me of someone.’   

Friday, 18 April 2014

Precious Orchids: Day 5

photo Roger Hyland
Precious Orchids by Elizabeth Cage continued...

Val was waiting backstage, full of anticipation. ‘So, tell me what happened?’
‘This,’ I replied angrily, thrusting a wad of cash at my friend. 
‘He liked you, then!’
‘This is just the down payment! He asked me to meet him outside in fifteen minutes.’
‘Result!’ grinned Val. 
            But I wasn’t sure how I felt when I found Harry waiting for me in the alleyway outside.  It had started to rain.  He didn’t speak - just pulled me towards him and kissed me fiercely.  His tongue sent jolts of electricity through my eager body but I still felt weird about how things were turning out.  I turned around and started to walk away, but before I’d gone far, I realised I was compelled to carry on with the experiment. I looked over my shoulder and he smiled across at me. Let him seduce Miss Scarlet Blue, then, I decided.  
            Lying naked beneath him on the hotel bed, with his fingers buried deeply in the gaping wetness between my legs, I reflected that my husband was being unfaithful - with his own wife!  He must know it’s me, I told myself - how could he not?  But while these thoughts assailed me, my physical being responded to his passion, which had a rawness about it, an edge I’d never felt before with Harry. He was like a different man tonight.  Perhaps because he thought he was with a different woman?
‘You have the most gorgeous cunt,’ he whispered, ‘Like a precious orchid.’
I trembled, my mind racing.  Any minute now he would tell me he knew who I was, that even though I’d tried to trick him, his boasts had been justified. I waited, almost longing to hear those words.  But he merely continued to pleasure me with his thumb and forefinger, playing me, while my body arched and pushed against him. 
            ‘You remind me of someone,’ he added thoughtfully, before sliding his tongue inside, his fingers still rubbing my clitoris.  I was close to coming but I was getting increasingly annoyed, and, to make matters worse, my anger was enhancing all the sensations I was experiencing.  I didn’t know whether to be insulted because he didn’t seem to recognise me, or relieved.  It was so bizarre.  I was myself and yet I wasn’t.  He was my husband, but not acting like my husband.  Suddenly, without warning, I came violently and while I was still spasming he pulled his tongue away and pushed it into my open mouth while his hot, hard cock pummelled my throbbing cunt.
            We spent the next few hours doing things I’d never tried with Harry, things I would never dared to have suggested – and probably been shocked if he had! Finally, exhausted, at 2am Miss Scarlet Blue grabbed her clothes and left her new lover asleep in the hotel bedroom. I had to get home before he did.  I felt like a very naughty Cinderella, running in my heels and finery to flag down a taxi, before I turned back into plain old Joanna........


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Precious Orchids: Day 4

Will Jo be able to pull off her disguise as Miss Scarlet Blue and fool Harry?  Read today's instalment of Precious Orchids by Elizabeth Cage.......

photo Roger Hyland
The music started and I realised I would have to strut onto the small stage in my shiny six inch heels and tight fitting  blue velvet gown, perform a routine and strip down to my jewelled G string. 
‘Good luck,’ breathed Val.  ‘You look fabulous.’
But could I really pull this off?  Suddenly, almost before I knew it, the compere had announced the arrival of Miss Scarlet Blue and I was on stage, throwing my head back, shaking my new long, silky hair seductively.  My hips moved with a fluidity I never knew I possessed, as I performed my slow, simmering striptease, the emphasis very much on the tease. I peeled off my long black opera gloves, finger by sensual finger, before slowly unzipping my gown and letting it fall to the floor, to reveal a deep crimson boned corset, and black stockings and suspenders. The tightly laced corset maximised my voluptuous cleavage and peachy arse and as a roar went up from the crowd, my confidence increased.  I began to soar, on a high, as Miss Scarlet Blue shook her ample booty and pouted provocatively at the admiring onlookers.  And there, in the front row, was Harry, rapt with attention, unable to take his eyes off me, as the corset came off to reveal my sparkling nipple tassles and glittering G string.  Finishing off my act, I threw him a cheeky glance, watching his face for a reaction.  He gazed back, and I could tell he was consumed by lust with a capital L. Although I smiled I felt a strange mixture of anger and excitement. 
            But it wasn’t over yet and after Miss Scarlet Blue had left the stage I went over to him, trembling, determined to take it further.  By now, he was sitting in a corner, drinking whisky with a group of men.  This wasn’t going to be easy, standing so close.  He was bound to recognise me.  But on the other hand, the lights were low, and Val had done an amazing job with the make-up and wig.  Still enjoying my new persona, I flirted with him as he invited me to join them for a drink.  He flirted back, to my annoyance, trying to charm me with his small talk and dark, sexy eyes.
‘Would you like to go somewhere more private?’ I asked nervously, in the huskiest voice I could manage.
(continues tomorrow) 

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Precious Orchids: Day 3

Jo's plan to trick Harry comes together, but will she be able to go through with it?
photo Roger Hyland

Precious Orchids by Elizabeth Cage continued...

Val had even managed to set things up to bring Harry to the club on the allotted night, using her current boyfriend, who happened to be a mate of Harry’s.  Then, before I knew it, I was only hours away from putting Harry to the test.  My stomach was awash with drowning butterflies. 
            ‘Ouch!’  I yelled, my eyes snapping open.  ‘What the hell are you doing, Val?’
‘Just a stray eyebrow hair,’ Val replied, brandishing tweezers.  ‘You know I’m a perfectionist.’
‘I can’t do this, Val.  It’s a crazy idea.’
‘No it’s not and yes you can,’ Val reassured me. ‘You’re pretty good at this burlesque stuff – a natural, I’d say.  You have a great routine.  Remember the club is dimly lit and he won’t expect to see you there.  It’s all about expectations.  He won’t in a million years imagine the woman on stage is you.’  She took me by the hand and led me over to the full-length mirror in the corner of the bedroom. ‘Take a look at yourself.  He won’t recognise you.  I guarantee it.’   
Tentatively, I took a step forward. I stared in disbelief at the glamorous siren reflected back at me, gazing in wonder at the blonde bombshell with dark, smoky eyes and full, cherry-red lips.
‘Do you like?’ asked Val.
I smiled.  ‘I like.’
‘Wait till you see what you’ll be wearing,’ said Val smugly.
            However, later, after a short taxi ride to the club, I began to feel guilty.  ‘I made Harry lie to me tonight,’ I told her.  ‘He said he was going out and when I asked where, he looked evasive and said, ‘Just a boy’s night.  A bar, drinks, the usual.’
‘At least you can be sure he’ll turn up then,’ said Val.  ‘What did you tell him you’d be doing?’
‘Having a girl’s night in with you.’
‘Like we agreed.’
‘Maybe this is wrong.’
‘He didn’t have to lie to you about going to a naughty cabaret club,’ Val pointed out.  ‘He could have told you the truth.’
‘I suppose.’
            But I was feeling sick with nerves by now.  I hardly dare peek at the audience to check if Harry was there. 
‘Deep breaths,’ suggested Val.  ‘You’re on in a minute.’

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Words and Actions: erotic story extract on You Tube

I have managed to upload one of my short story extracts onto my You Tube channel, Kissing Velvet. 

Here is the link to Words and Actions, read by actress and burlesque performer, the incomparable Missy Maybe.

Precious Orchids: Day 2

How well can you really know someone?  Part 2 of Elizabeth's short story continues....
photo Roger Hyland

Precious Orchids : Part 2
‘You could disguise yourself and try to seduce him.  If the smug git really knows your pussy that well, the minute he went down on you he'd know he’s been tricked.  And you could have a laugh about it.’
‘But what if he didn’t guess it was me?’
‘Then, being a man, he’d probably screw you, which would prove he’s capable of cheating.’
This confused me. ‘That’s kind of twisted, isn’t it?’
‘Not at all.  Just harmless fun.’
‘Anyway,’ I’d shrugged. ‘It wouldn’t work.  He’d know it was me, unless I looked completely different.’
‘I could transform you.  I can transform anyone.  It’s my job.  Best make-up artist in the business,’ boasted Val, who had been a make-up assistant on the Harry Potter films. ‘Think about it.  I’ll get us another drink.  Same again?’
            The next day, I’d woken up with a massive hangover and a hazy memory of our odd conversation.  But as my head became clearer, I’d considered Val’s idea a little more seriously.  Me and Harry had been together now for five years.  We’d settled into a domestic routine, and I had to admit our relationship had become complacent.  I’d lied when I told Val the sex was still great between us.  It wasn’t bad - just a bit samey.  Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to spice things up a bit.  So Val and I began to plot a whole scenario. 
‘It’s not enough for you to look unrecognisable,’ Val decided. ‘For the plan to succeed, Harry will have to see you in a completely unexpected environment.  Where would he think you’d never dream of going?’
I considered for a moment.  ‘Apart from a football match?  Somewhere like a sleazy night club.’
‘Great.  That’s it then.  That’s where he has to pick you up.’
I was horrified.  ‘But why would I be at a seedy club?’
‘To put on a show, of course!’
‘You’re kidding.’
‘I know where you can go to learn proper burlesque striptease,’ continued Val, full of enthusiasm.  ‘They teach you properly.’
‘No way.’
‘Don’t be such a wimp. I’ll come with you.  Quite fancy learning myself.’
            So, after more cajoling from Val and a glass or two of wine, we’d gone to a burlesque workshop together.  It was a bit of a joke at first, and I did feel slightly self-conscious to start with, but once I got over my initial shyness, I began to enjoy myself. Like I was tapping into a hidden part of me I didn’t know existed.  Maybe I secretly liked the idea of showing my body off, but under a totally different persona.  Pretending to be someone else kind of freed my inhibitions.  I booked some extra practice sessions until I had worked out a sexy little routine. Our plan was coming together........ 

(continues tomorrow....)

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Precious Orchids: Day 1

photo Roger Hyland

This week is officially orchid week.  Well, it is here at Kissing Velvet. Let me explain. The fabulous burlesque performer, Missy Maybe, has kindly recorded some extracts from my erotica that I will be posting on You Tube (when I figure out how to do this - having a few techie issues!).  I've been thinking about images for the You Tube channel which will look good in different formats and sizes - something that is both beautiful and sensual.  Last year, I wrote a bittersweet and raunchy short story called Precious Orchids, which appears in the Best of Elizabeth Cage from Xcite. This is one of the stories Missy reads from.  An orchid is such an unusual flower - gorgeous, sensual and also very sexual - so I have decided that is the perfect image for the channel.  

To celebrate, every day this week I will be posting some stunning photos of orchids taken in Oahu, Hawaii by my partner, with an extract from the story Precious Orchids.  

I hope you enjoy.....and maybe by the end of the week I will have figured out how to post the audio files on You Tube!

from Precious Orchids by Elizabeth Cage.....

‘Are you sure this is a good idea?’ I wondered, as Val, my best friend,  made final adjustments to my luscious platinum blonde wig.
‘It’s a brilliant idea, Jo. You’re just getting cold feet, that’s all.’
‘Now close your eyes while I finish your make-up.’
I meekly obeyed, and the conversation that, weeks ago, had started all this, came flooding back.  Val and I had been sitting in a bar, getting steadily drunk. 
‘You know what Harry said to me the other night?’  I had murmured. 
Val, on her third Bacardi breezer, was getting distracted by a couple of toned young guys who’d just walked in with their kit bags, after finishing their workouts at the local gym.
‘Are you listening, Val?’ I’d demanded, irritably.
‘Yes.  I’m listening.  Go on.  Tell me what your Mr Wonderful said.’
‘We’d just had sex.  Great sex.  Really great sex. He’s a good fuck, you know.’
‘So you keep saying,’ Val sighed.
‘I was lying on the bed and he had his head between my thighs, ready to use his tongue again.’
‘I could do with a bit of that right now,’ Val muttered loudly, and the two guys at the bar glanced over at us.
‘He said, Joanna, my love, I would know your beautiful, precious pussy anywhere. If I had to choose from a hundred pussies I’d know, just by looking and from the scent, which one was yours.’
‘How touching,’ said Val.  ‘So if there was a competition called Name that Cunt, he would win every time.’
‘Apparently.’ I giggled.
Val looked thoughtful.  ‘If you were blindfolded do you think you could tell his dick from anyone else’s just by feeling it or sucking it, or fucking it?’
‘I’d like to think so.’
‘But you’re not likely to be put to the test are you?’
‘Suppose not.’
‘But you could put Harry to the test.’
‘If I told you there was a way you could have some fun with this - and see how faithful your husband really is - would you do it?’

I’d frowned.  ‘Depends.  What have you got in mind?’

(continues tomorrow....)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Fairy tales: dark and sensual

I’m currently kindle reading My mother killed me and my father ate me, contemporary interpretations and new takes on Grimm’s fairy tales, which I recommend. (what a title!)  

One of my most treasured books is an old edition of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, beautifully illustrated, which belonged to my late Mum.  I remember as a child sneaking it off the bookshelf, dipping in and being astonished at how gruesome and brutal the stories were.  Not exactly like the Ladybird or Disney versions!  But they fascinated me and later I explored Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, which recognises the dark sensuality of fairy tales.  

My story Crimson Kisses is fairy tale inspired, as is the very different Slow Poison, my more recent collection of 7 dark short stories with a twist.  The form continues to fascinate me.

Monday, 7 April 2014

I scream, “Ice cream!”

I've been absent for a while.  So until full service is resumed, here's a poem you will find over at my wattpad page.

I scream, “Ice cream!”
Riding, naked,
along the cycle paths for psychopaths
“Vanilla, please.”