Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The erotic writer's chair

Sunday night saw me reading not one, but two erotic stories and several poems as part of the Canterbury Fringe Festival with the wonderful Burlesque Bombshells, Missy Maybe and Miss Glory Pearl. 

The first time I did a public reading here I was terrified, shaking and nervous.  This is the 3rd year of reading at the Fringe and I can't believe how much more relaxed and confident I feel about reading to an audience.  Such fun!

And this was where I sat, in the Gothic, atmospheric Ballroom on a dark and very stormy night....

Our next Wanton Words show will be on December 7th at the Tom Thumb Theatre.  Watch this space for more info....

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Slow Poison: fab review from Morgen Bailey!

I'm so thrilled that the wonderful Morgen Bailey has written a fabulous detailed review of Slow Poison, my collection of 7 twisted tales. The stories are threaded with very dark humour, which I'm glad that Morgen enjoyed. She concludes: "There isn't really a negative thing to say about this collection."

Do check out the review

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Wanton words at Canterbury Fringe Festival October 27th!

On Sunday 27th October you will find me at The Ballroom, a stunning, atmospheric venue in Canterbury, as part of the Canterbury Fringe Festival. 

Back for the third year running, Wanton Words & Burlesque Bombshells returns with author readings of erotic fiction, saucy British burlesque, sketches and comedy aplenty, all under the mischievous watch of Miss Maybe and Miss Glory Pearl. It's riotous good fun and really quite rude, with laughs aplenty and a lot of heart.

Tickets £8 from WeGotTickets:


Or try the fancy app thingy on our page!

Doors 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sex toys, muscle clenching, orgasmic pleasure - and Pinky

Pinky: pic by Elizabeth Cage
When I was little, I started to masturbate.  I’m not sure how old I was, but I was barely walking, and I remember crawling on my belly on the carpet at a family gathering, and rubbing my girlie bits and thinking what a pleasurable sensation that was.  I wonder if my aunts, uncles and assorted relatives were aware of what was going on?

Anyway, obviously I didn’t know what I was doing, only that I liked it.  From that day on, I practised regularly, always using only the action of clenching and relaxing my muscles to achieve orgasm.

It’s quite strange to think of all the many devices and tools that are now readily at our disposable to give ourselves pleasure.  When I was growing up, the Ann Summers shop in the High Street simply didn’t exist in that form, and no-one spoke of such things.  When I first encountered porn films (not until my twenties!) I was astonished to see that women used their fingers to bring themselves off – it had never occurred to me to try that.  And, more bizarre still, when I saw my first vibrator (in my thirties), was the idea that this pink buzzing phallus could do the job equally effectively, if not better. 

It took me a long time to achieve orgasm with such a device, so used was I to the “no hands” method.  Now, it takes about 10 seconds. 

Pinky on holiday in Sussex: pic by Elizabeth Cage
Strange to think how much has changed over the past 45 years, and how openly we can view, buy and discuss what we call sex toys (I’d love to know who first coined that expression  and the use of the word toy…..interesting reflection on how we perceive sex…..)

Despite the plethora of plugs, dildos, butterflies, high tech rabbits, etc, my favourite “toy” is still my trusty pink jelly vibe from Ms Summers.  It does the trick for me.   Simple but effective.

Do you have a favourite toy?

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Tango at Female First

I have a piece of flash fiction over at Female First to celebrate their 10th anniversary - it's called Tango and was inspired by my experiences some years ago when I became passionate about the Argentine Tango and travelled regularly to Surrey and London for lessons and salons.....lovely memories........

Click here to read the story

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