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Words and Actions: Blog Post Rewind

This post first appeared on www.sexyreads.co.uk on 8.2.13

Some years ago, when I was dating, I admit I got a mischievous thrill telling prospective guys what I did.  You know how it goes:

“So, you’re a writer?  Cool.”
“What kind of things do you write, then?”
“Erotica.  I like writing about raunchy sex.”

Seeing the expression on their faces was almost as much fun as when I told them I taught pole dance!  It was a great icebreaker for a night of flirting.  And prick teasing.  For some guys, it created a certain expectation about the kind of evening they were in for.  Which is interesting in itself.

At a writer’s lunch I was asked if I wore anything in particular to get me in the mood to write smut.  It was tempting to say, “Yes, my black rubber cat suit,” or “I sit at the computer wearing nothing but my open crotch knickers.”

I actually replied with the suitably ambiguous, “I wear whatever I consider normal for a day at work.”  Keeps them guessing!

In all honesty, my favoured attire, especially on a winter morning, is a big fluffy dressing gown and purple boot slippers.  Not very sexy.  Oh, but did I forget to add that beneath it, I am totally naked, my soft, smooth, flesh warm and inviting, my voluptuous breasts straining against the creamy-coloured fabric, my nipples hard and my clit hungry…..how I love the power of words! 

Wearing inappropriate clothing can get you into trouble – as Alys soon discovers in this extract from the short story, Words and Actions from Second Helpings.

Extract from Words and Actions
‘So what do you do, Lee?’ I asked, pushing a wisp of hair from my eyes.
‘I teach yoga,’ he replied. ‘Now, how do you fancy a long, cool drink?’
I thought that the bulge in his loose fitting trousers seemed bigger than before and I wanted to say, ‘Actually, I fancy a long, slow fuck.’ Instead, smiling sweetly I replied, ‘A cold drink would be lovely, thanks. It’s rather hot in here.’
He grinned, showing perfect white teeth, before disappearing into the kitchen.
I gazed out over the balcony onto the river below. The sun was about to set and the water sparkled beneath its fading golden rays.
‘Great view, isn’t it?’ I heard him say, and as I turned I noticed that his eyes were focused on my bare, tanned legs. I took the slim, narrow glass he offered and sipped the sweet cranberry juice and crushed ice.
‘Yoga’s great for keeping fit, isn’t it?’ he remarked.
‘Yes, and useful for those tricky bondage positions,’ I flirted, suddenly convinced he’d spiked my drink. ‘According to my flatmate, Rachel,’ I added hastily. I took an indelicate swig of my cranberry juice.
‘What’s your favourite position, then? In yoga, of course,’ he joked.
‘I tend to remember the ones I can’t do – like the butterfly and the tortoise. I can’t get my legs to open that wide.’ I stopped myself, suddenly self-conscious and eyed the cranberry juice even more suspiciously.
‘Really?’ Lee responded. ‘If you want to show me what happens when you attempt these Asanas I can try to help.’
He was standing closer, so close I could feel his breath on my neck. ‘I don’t know….’ I hesitated, torn between caution and lust. I fancied the arse off him.
‘We’d need to go back into the yoga room and use the mat,’ he pointed out. ‘This polished wood floor is too slippery.’
I took his hand and followed him into the bare, tranquil room. ‘Let me see your triangle,’ he said firmly.
‘Excuse me?’
‘The triangle pose.’ He smiled mischievously. ‘What did you think I meant?’
Tentatively, I opened my legs and stretched my right arm above my head before bending over to the left side, sliding my left hand down my thigh towards my ankle.
‘Like this?’ I asked, conscious that my dress had risen up my right thigh.
‘Open your legs wider,’ he instructed. ‘That’s better.’
I felt a tingling in my clitoris, wondering if he’d get a glimpse of my flesh-coloured thong, so small it hardly justified its existence as an item of clothing.
‘Stretch further. Your body should form a straight line, parallel to the floor, from your waist to your fingertips.’
‘Perhaps a short dress isn’t really the thing for yoga positions.’
‘Actually, I think it’s ideal,’ he murmured, moving his hands over my hips and down the curve of my thighs….


Surely everyone deserves a second chance? Second Helpings: Three sexy stories. Quirky, romantic erotica with a twist. 

Words and Actions
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Two Hearts
Lucy knows deep down that her passionate affair with married businessman Callum is going nowhere, but when he suggests an erotic encounter in a graveyard, what happens next leads Lucy to a sexy stranger who may be the one to find her heart. 

Second Helpings
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