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Reviewer: The Editor, In The Buff Magazine
Kissing Velvet is an anthology of bright, kinkily alive tales from the pen of an expert in the art of submissiveness. Each of Ms Cage's heroines comes to believability through the power of the writer's experience. She must be experienced, having stirred the emotions with each and every word. When a car accident brings payment with a hands on spanking and a thrusting f**k, when a photographic shoot - with a hint of blackmail - becomes bondage heaven, when each and every story awakens a dormant thirst for more, that is brilliance aligned with knowledge and understanding.
An unputdownable paperback, one for the dungeon, for a horny good read! A Good Debut

Reviewer: Liz Coldwell, Editor Forum Magazine
Elizabeth Cage's debut collection of short stories for the large part feature hapless submissive girls finding themselves in situations which are beyond their control, but learning to love what's being done to them…….stories like Two To Tango, which explore the depth of the bond between Master and slave, will linger in the memory long after you've finished this collection. Hot and Sexy

Reviewer: Jade Magazine
The book is a collection of well-crafted and sensually erotic tales of female submission: a businesswoman awakens her capacity for submission when she is initiated into the secrets of silk bondage and antique whips; a writer of erotic dreams finds a magician who tests her limits; a health farm with an unusual method for quitting smoking, and a woman whose passion for tango allows her submissive nature to surface.
Hot and sexy, I enjoyed this offering from Miss Cage immensely.

Reviewer: Torie WestThe Romance Studio

Kissing Velvet is a marvelous compilation of brief erotica tales with an accent on sensuality, spanking and whip-play. Written with style and flair, the author understands titillation is the key as much as the sexual acts themselves in creating sensuous stories that the reader will find both naughty and delicious.

Story one, 'Two To Tango' takes you into the world of Tango dancing and a woman who meets a mysterious stranger who teaches her more than just dancing.
Next is 'Cars' about a young woman's misfortune in backing into the wrong car in a parking lot. Then 'The Watcher' delves into voyeurism and exhibitionism as Marla enters into a bargain with a demanding stranger.
'Eating Out' brings new meaning to the word 'office romance,' as Gemma discovers her boss in an embarrassing situation and is made to pay.
'Friend or Foe' is mild bondage with a twist.
'She's the One' is a poignant tale of love lost. A man finds his perfect lover who shares his taste for pain and pleasure but he loses the privilege through his sexual selfishness.
'My Pleasure' is a tax accountant with a whip fetish and a new client who has no idea what she is getting into.
Next is the tale of a stranger on the commute train that teaches Kym the joys of submission and 'Kissing Velvet.'
A magician with a few tricks up his sleeve teaches Miranda that 'Nice Girls Don't Write Porn.'
The volatile relationship of Mike and Penny takes a bondage turn when Mike has had enough of Penny in, 'Turning the Tables'.
When Alison arrives at her boyfriend's house she is shocked to find he has also invited a friend in, 'Initiation.'
'No Smoking' is a stop smoking clinic that uses unorthodox means to obtain results.
When Tia dumps Gil for being unfaithful he plots to get her back by exploiting her weakness for the whip in, 'The Photographer.'
An unsuspecting Jen arrives at 'Tom's Party' to forget an old flame. But now a new experience awaits her at the hands of a stranger with a penchant for spanking.
An old friend offers a stunned Helen ten thousand pounds for one night as his sex slave in, 'One Night Stand.'
Fantasy meets reality as a lover shows his girlfriend the more the merrier in, 'Turn Me On.' Kara has met the man of her dreams. Dick is 'The Right Fit' in every way…but one. Dick has another lover and sets out to prove to Kara a threesome can also be the right fit.

Kissing Velvet is a dynamic collection of ambitiously arousing tales, entertaining both the psyche as well as the erogenous zones. It will not disappoint in its delivery as each story has its own unique flavor and creative zest.

Overall rating: 4.5 hearts out of 5 (very good to excellent)
Sensuality rating: Explicit

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