Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Eating out

Eating out
I crouched down, hidden from view behind a thicket of undergrowth.  The man lifted himself up, almost pulling out of her, until only the glistening tip of his cock was inside her, tantalising her, before she begged him to push inside again.  I felt a trickle of excitement between my own legs…

This extract is from another story in my collection Kissing Velvet.  In my twenties, I worked in central London for a major publisher in the Sales Department and one of my tasks was to go out and get lunch and coffee for all the busy young sales reps.  I hated this job, because it made me feel a skivvy and I thought they should get their own lunch….I often got the orders wrong and used half my lunch break queuing to get theirs.  They were picky, too.  I may be sub in the bedroom, but not in any other situation…. 

The boss in the story is an amalgam of several female bosses I have worked for, most of whom had to be assertive, aggressive and workaholic to get on.  They could be a pain to work for but I’m grateful to all of them for teaching me loads about efficient organisation, dealing with hierarchies and a myriad of other skills that proved me in good stead in my career. The alfresco picnic and the erotic antics that follow in the woods were pure fantasy….but a lot of fun to write…..

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