Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Writing for Play

According to my Oxford Dictionary foreplay is “stimulation preceding sexual intercourse.”  I feel that rather understates and undervalues the act, or should I say, art of foreplay.  (Interesting that we often use theatrical words likes “act”, “perform” and “play” when we make reference to sexual activities).
Foreplay can engage all the senses.  We make our bodies beautiful by dressing (or-undressing) to create a sensual feast for the eyes; we use our voices to make gentle pillow talk or give commands; we touch and feel with tongues, fingers and lips.  Exotic scents or our own heady pheromones are often the first signals our brains receive to release the flood of chemicals we need to prepare us for sex and our taste buds can be stimulated by playing food games or just eating each other!

Of course, we are often told that sex is all in the mind and that it is our imaginations that create the experience, so what better way to stimulate that imagination than by reading an erotic story?  Erotica is not only an aide to foreplay, a tool; it can be the foreplay itself.  Is that what erotic writers do?  Is that our job?  I confess that when a satisfied reader tells me she had to reach for her vibrator while she was reading one of my stories, it is a huge compliment.

As a reader and spectator there are times when I need erotica that is hot, horny and fast. Like a quick fuck.  And at others, I desire a long, slow, gradual seduction.  Very slow.  To be teased, imperceptibly at first, keeping me guessing, wondering when and how and if. Taken by the hand and led on a journey that will, I hope, culminate in an exquisite, blissful climax.

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  1. When I'm writing, I'm always wondering if someone will use my story as foreplay - maybe act something out as they read. I'd love to think they do!

    1. Hi Linda - me too!I think it's a real compliment.