Friday, 22 March 2013

Vampire Therapy Part 1 - Staying Young and New

Having been ill all week, I've continued watching my boxed DVD sets of the wonderful Vampire Diaries and am now on Season 3.  I call it my vampire therapy.  Entertaining, romantic and sexy.  (Okay, quite gory in places, too).  But it is providing a great distraction from feeling crap. And, as a writer, I can't help watching it with my writer head on and thinking about the key themes that "compel" us (VD fans will get this pun) to watch.  And want to.

The key theme of the series, like all the most successful stories, is love. Yes, it's all about love and the importance of love and the fact that actually it's all that matters in a way and what gives us purpose to live and carry on living when ultimately life is marking time. (I think one of the characters makes the "marking time" reference in Series 1).

Okay, so I'm getting a bit deep now, and, perhaps, gloomy.  My previous post about Vampire Diaries (nearly wrote Vampire Dairies - now that would be a series!) talked about teen angst and recalling our youth - and first crushes and serious relationships.

Most of the characters in this series are between 17 - 18, although they seem, look and behave a lot older, and they are all experiencing new relationships (in some cases, in quick succession!) and this brought to mind those wonderful early stages of a relationship, the discovery, the newness, the thrills,  and how in erotica, we often write about and focus on this discovery phase.  I know the majority of my short stories are about first encounters, which I hadn't actually realised until now, and this probably reflects the power and excitement that they generate.  And being short tales rather novels, I don't have to move onto the next phase of the relationship, but simply take a snapshot of that magical, pulse-racing first.  Maybe it is the promise of what may come next that thrills us; the thought that if this initial encounter has been so mind-blowing, how much better will it get?

I haven't finished with VD yet (oops, I mean Vampire Diaries - or Dairies, of course!)  A future post will explore the significance of the trinity in such series (girl/vampire/werewolf or girl/vampire good/ vampire bad or even girl/vampire/human).  Think Twilight, Blood Ties and even the Buffy/Angel/Spike episodes.  Why are threesomes so darn sexy?  That's what I will be banging on this space.

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