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Touch Me There: blog post rewind

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Bestselling thriller writer Lee Child is credited as saying that instead of writing what you know, try writing what you feel.  When it comes to erotica, this is excellent advice. We may not have done all the things we describe in our stories, but we have all experienced a range of emotions, have all felt that frisson of attraction, that surge of desire.  And we have all fantasised.    

Often, this can start for me by focussing on erogenous zones, those special places that are unique to each of us, but universally recognised.  I love to be touched on my neck.  This can be the lingering of hungry lips, the gentle brushing of fingertips, or the feel of my lover’s breath. For some people, just a glimpse of the body part that stimulates them can be a turn on, so describing this can be a way to connect with a reader, creating a shared experience – a virtual erotic union. Sometimes the physical sensation of touch itself is enough and can be disembodied from the giver.  On other occasions, we need an image, so we can visualise the giver to make the fantasy more real and sensual. Whether it is someone we know or a sexy fictional stranger, we have to paint a picture.  

When you first meet someone, what do you notice before anything else?  Is it their mouth? Their smile?  Their body?  Personally, it’s usually their voice that I notice most, preferably deep and rich, and then their hands, which can be incredibly erotic, since these are one of the instruments of pleasure-giving that you hope might be used on you. It is their potential for sexual arousal and satisfaction that generates the turn-on for me. 

In this extract from my story SecondHelpings, Alys becomes distracted when she notices that her host has the most beautiful eyes……
At the circular glass dining table, I was sandwiched between my annoying boyfriend and his much more sophisticated Dad, whose body brushed against mine several times during the meal. I half-expected to feel his hand find its way between my thighs and when, disappointingly, that did not happen, I was tempted to accidentally stroke my ankle against his leg. But instead, I decided to be a model dinner guest and listened politely as Mrs Elliot talked about her hectic week and her most recent client, who she described as short tempered and moody, at which point Jay chipped in with, ‘Sounds like Shannon when it’s her time of the month.’ He was clearly determined to win the Prick of the Year Award tonight. I glared, my face reddening. But he continued being annoying, oblivious to the effect on me – or his parents. By the time we had finished the strawberry cheesecake dessert, I was ready to leave so I could kill him.
When Mr Elliot retreated to the kitchen to make coffee, I hastily offered to help. ‘Looks like Jay is pissing you off,’ he said, clearly amused and I noticed he had rather beautiful eyes, the colour of a summer Mediterranean sea.
‘Just a bit,’ I replied, hunting for the cups and saucers.
‘Up there,’ he said, pointing to a high cupboard above the sink. I’m not the tallest person in the world and even in my high heels I had to reach up to get them. As I did, I was aware that my dress was riding dangerously up my thighs, almost revealing my lace thong.  When I turned, juggling cups in one hand and saucers in the other, Mr Elliot was staring at me, his eyes barely disguising the fact that he had been getting a good look.
‘Why don’t you put that down,’ he suggested, gesturing to the gold-rimmed china crockery. The next thing I knew, he was standing in front of me, his hands around my waist, pulling me towards him. The hard bulge pushing against my groin already had my clit tingling in anticipation. I was still hungry.
‘We shouldn’t be doing this,’ I protested, making a half-hearted effort to push him away.
‘Why not?’ he replied, his hands sliding down, caressing my bum, while his mouth found my neck, giving me an exquisite little nip behind my ear. ‘I’ve wanted to do this all evening.’
‘Me too,’ I groaned, grabbing his neck and kissing him roughly, our tongues exploring. Wrapping my arms around him, I pushed my breasts against his broad chest, my nipples already hard. As he rolled my tight dress up to my waist, slowly unsheathing me, I thought, ‘What if someone comes in?  What if Jay sees us?’ but it didn’t stop me. In fact, it made me feel even more turned on. I just wanted to eat him alive…..

Surely everyone deserves a second chance? Second Helpings: Three sexy stories. Quirky, romantic erotica with a twist. 

Words and Actions
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Two Hearts
Lucy knows deep down that her passionate affair with married businessman Callum is going nowhere, but when he suggests an erotic encounter in a graveyard, what happens next leads Lucy to a sexy stranger who may be the one to find her heart. 

Second Helpings
Shannon and Jay’s sex life has taken a nose dive so Shannon decides it’s time to spice things up. But an invitation to dinner with Jay’s sophisticated parents leads to an evening full of raunchy surprises – and a life changing decision.

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