Friday, 20 January 2012

The Watcher

This was one of those “What if” stories.  A bit dreamy.  I wrote this at night, imagining Marla alone in her flat.  And I had been indulging in a fair bit of phone sex at the time.  I had also been using a few online dating contact sites too.  So some of this found a way into the story.   I did get turned on writing it, imagining Marla and The Watcher’s erotic games.  At the time, I realised I had a strong exhibitionist streak, which needed an outlet. I especially enjoyed writing about the incident in the riding stables, which is a reference to the original Belle de Jour film with Catherine Deneuve.         

A later incident in the story echoes Story of O.

The Watcher explores sexual addiction and obsession - and vulnerability.   I’m still not entirely sure about the ending, although it works, I think.   You may disagree.

As The Watcher says, “We all have an alter ego.  The watcher is part of me but he isn’t all of me.”

I’ll just add that, like Marla, walking across a car park at night, completely naked, is great for an adrenalin buzz!

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