Thursday, 12 January 2012

This novel is fiction...?

When you re-read your past work, you usually see flaws.  Patterns.  And your own preoccupations at the time.  Your own writing (and other) fetishes.  Mine appear to have included shiny high heels, red lipstick and women wearing nothing beneath their coats. 

Kissing Velvet was written over a 6 month period if I recall correctly.  I had a deadline, and in order to put myself under more pressure, I set myself a relatively short one.  Before this, 7 of my erotic stories had been published in Forum magazine (thank you, Elizabeth Coldwell, for being such a brilliant and supportive editor) and a racy story in Chat.  Although I was an experienced and regularly published writer, erotica was a relatively new genre for me and I’m grateful that Adrian Wilkins, who runs Chimera publishing, had faith in me.  It was a lot harder than I had imagined producing seventeen different short stories.  

The inside cover states “This novel is fiction.”  

But aren't writers supposed to write from experience?   Hmmm……….

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