Sunday, 24 June 2012

Friend or foe?

"I always say yes.  I sometimes think that’s what gets me into trouble."

I think most women have worried about running out of petrol on a motorway, especially at night, making one feel very vulnerable – and not in a sexy way, either.  A lot of creative writing is about the “what ifs.”  We take a situation, real or hypothetical, and then ask the question: What if this happened next?  As writers, we use our imaginations and combine that with our own experiences to produce what we hope is good fiction. 

In this story in my collection, Kissing Velvet, I take that premise as the starting point after I ended up on the hard shoulder of the M20 on a dark and spooky night in my rather old Citroen XM.    

The male character in the tale is both powerful and strong with a gentle core, a combination I personally find irresistible.  These contrasts can be very sexy, especially if you are naturally submissive in the bedroom.  My female character, Laura, is suspicious that her mysterious new lover is hiding a secret.  And what woman hasn’t got the better of her curiosity and had a rummage through her man’s drawers when left alone in his apartment?  Just call me Pandora…..

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