Thursday, 28 June 2012

No smoking

“Anyone caught breaking the rules will be suitably admonished.”
There was something about the tone of his voice that gave me the creeps.
“It’s like being at school again,” joked Rebecca.
“Or prison,” I added.
“And anyone caught smoking will be severely punished,” he concluded with a rather self-satisfied smirk.

(extract from No Smoking, short story in collection Kissing Velvet)

Okay, so I have never smoked, apart from one brief puff in the back row of a cinema with teenage friends when I was a lot younger.  I choked when I inhaled and never tried again.   But I’ve had friends who have really struggled when they wanted to give it up, and this, combined with a stay at a healthy, veggie retreat in the middle of a remote forest inspired me to write this story as part of my Kissing Velvet collection (with an outrageous sexy twist, of course).  I don’t think Big Brother had hit our screens then, but the opportunities it offers for kinkiness need to be explored…..and who knows, despite it’s rather unorthodox techniques, maybe the clinic in my story would have great success rates helping people give up smoking . They would certainly have fun trying. 

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