Sunday, 5 August 2012

Saucy fun at the Tom Thumb!

Last night I had a fabulous time taking part in a laughter-filled Wanton Words show at the Tom Thumb theatre in Cliftonville hosted by the wonderful burlesque performers Miss Glory Pearl and Missy Maybe  I read two of my stories, both published in Xcite anthologies.  The first, Neighbours, was initially based on an actual experience when I was driven to distraction one night by a very loud party. The climax, so to speak, was however somewhat different!  The second story, Sweets, charts the sexual adventures of Kandi, whose kinky encounter in the woods doesn't exactly go to plan....

The stories can be found on Amazon. 
Seriously Sexy: v. 3 (Xcite Selections)Sex, Love and Valentines

Our next show at the Tom Thumb is on Saturday October 6th and is a kinky special!  I'll be reading two more stories and I can't wait....

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