Sunday, 9 September 2012

The birth of Velvet Kiss Press

Crimson KissesAfter talking about it, I have finally (and scarily) published three of my new titles as e-books, which are now available to download from Amazon.  The first is Crimson Kisses. I love all the covers designed by the excellent designer Klaus Hartleben, but this is my favourite.

I'll devote a separate post to each title.  Feedback and reviews are a writer's lifeblood, so all gratefully received.

An exploration of the darker side of love...... 

In the short story Crimson Kisses, Maya wonders if her broken heart can ever be healed after she is deserted by her lover, Bharti. But her solitude is eased when she takes in a mysterious stray cat who provides the unconditional love she desires. Or so she believes. But in her dreams she experiences increasingly dark and sinister erotic fantasies. She begins to retreat from reality, preferring the twilight world she shares with her supernatural lover, and discovers that the intense love she desires so powerfully is within her reach. At a terrifying price. 

In Bleeding: anatomy of an erotic obsession, the narrator uses poetry to chart an intense love affair which encompasses a possible sadomasochistic element.


  1. Sounds intriguing - I've just downloaded mine. Thanks, Elizabeth! :-)

    1. Thanks Linda - by coincidence I was checking my Amazon sales earlier and saw that I had sold one recently - so that was you! Thanks so much. I always get excited when I sell a book. Like a little kid really.....I hope you enjoy Crimson Kisses. One reviewer said they thought it was weird - which maybe it is - but in my world, that's normal! It's not like any of my other erotica and I think of it more as a love story. It's the least successful of my indie titles, so that's telling me something. Be interested in your feedback.