Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Alison and Anthony enjoy their S and M games in private.  Until Anthony unexpectedly introduces a third party to the proceedings.

‘Go upstairs and lay down on the bed.  Put on the blindfold that I’ve placed on the pillow.  Make sure you can’t see.  Then wait for me.’
Unquestioningly, Alison obeyed.  The bed, which was draped with a black rubber sheet, had steel manacles attached to each corner in readiness.  She picked up the velvet-lined blindfold and made sure it was fastened securely.  She remembered the last time she had failed to buckle it in the correct position and shuddered.  On that occasion, she had been severely punished...
            She lay back, engulfed in darkness, every fibre of her being awake and alert to the slightest sound, the slightest movement.  She heard footsteps on the stairs and her body tensed.  She waited for him to speak, longed to hear his voice, but she had to endure the silence while he attached the manacles to her slim wrists and ankles, so she was wide open.  She felt him reach by her head for one of the pillows, which he pushed beneath her to raise her hips further, making her all the more accessible. He ran a fingernail down between her breasts, lightly scraping the surface of her milk-white skin. She groaned. Gentle baroque music filtered into the room as he switched on the CD player that he always kept beside the bed.  Alison felt like she was floating as she lost herself in the sounds of lush strings and the feel of Anthony’s hands exploring her eager body.
‘You were right, she is lovely.’
Alison came back to earth with a jolt at the sound of an unfamiliar man’s voice.  Who the hell was that?

Whips and gags feature prominently in this story, Initiation,  from my collection, Kissing Velvet.  Some scenes are inspired by private parties I attended at some interesting venues with a dominant lover. We watched and we played.  

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