Thursday, 26 July 2012

Turning the Tables

Gently, I lifted Penny into my arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom.  When I had laid her on the bed, I hunted in the wardrobe and grabbed a fistful of assorted ties. Slowly, I removed Penny’s skirt and boots, while she lay, eyes half shut, still dreamy after her explosive orgasm.  I spread her legs and fastened her ankles to the bed.  Before removing her blouse, I covered her in butterfly kisses, starting at her fingers, then her elbows, her forearms and where the ties was digging into her wrists. I unfastened her, tenderly caressing the red lines left by her bonds, before pulling her arms wide and tying them to the headboard.  Naked and open wide, her black hair spread loosely over the pillow, she looked unbelievably sexy.

The extract is from Turning the Tables from my collection Kissing Velvet.  This short tale is one of the few written from a male viewpoint.  Mike is pushed to his limits by his argumentative but very horny girlfriend, who is used to taking charge.  But one day, he decides it’s time to turn the tables.  Fun to write, (and I still get turned on when I read it) I’m not sure where it came from.  I recognise traces of myself, albeit ten years younger (when I had a fantasy about having sex in a phone box in broad daylight), and aspects of previous lovers. 

And I still think Spanky is a great name for a cat….

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