Sunday 9 December 2012

David Russell Guest Post: Sexy Stories - Fiction that turns me on

Today my guest post is from David Russell, who has kindly contributed to my series, Sexy stories: Fiction that turns me on. David's blog is and he describes himself as "a UK-based romance writer; all my stories have a distinctly British feel."  
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Over to you, David.....

Occasionally I can switch off my inner writer when I read; not often, as I am always on the lookout for stimuli and kindred spirits.

I like the erotic stories of Anais Nin, particularly those in the collection Delta of Venus. She is my favourite because she can sustain literary delicacy whilst being quite outspoken about erotic themes, without ever being crudely explicit. 

As regards male writers in this genre, I was particularly turned on by the opening of Paul Metcalf's Will West, although I do not care for the entire story. Akin to Anais Nin, it modulates narrative and interior monologue, poetry and prose. I identify with all aspects; the sparse vegetation on the beach, the wordless, fateful bonding of two beautiful people; the way they hold each other, the way the girl runs to the dunes. The following is my favourite extract, so full of suspense:

"Climbing to one of the higher points, they found a shady hollow directly behind it, and they jumped and skidded into the lowest part. Sitting down, facing oppositely, their hips touching, they swung their upper bodies in front of each other, and embraced hotly. There was no wind, and the sun was relentless.

Through grasses, snarling
the earth, and

Comes a murmur,
a murmur of wind

sweat and sea air

Separating, rising, they stood back from each other. Will's trunks, and the two pieces of the girl's white bathing suit, fell to the sand. For a moment they faced each other, naked in the hot sun and dampness."

Lovely; so poetic!

I probably have a clothing fetish; I love undressing scenes - another area in which Anais Nin also excels. Further thoughts about this in the following link:
28 Jan 2011 – Below are some tips from the writer and artist David Russell about the play of undressing for love. They've given me some ideas for my own ...

David's story Therapy Rapture, formerly with Rose Dog Books, will shortly be republished by Devine Destinies; reviews of the earlier edition are online.

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  2. I liked the extract - haven't read any Paul Metcalf. Must re-visit Anais Nin too! Thank you for some food for thought, David and Elizabeth :-) Bel

    1. Hi Bel, glad you enjoyed it. Anais Nin comes up quite a bit as a popular erotic writer. I read her when I was a lot younger and it does stimulate me to re-explore her work.

      David's post also got me thinking about the art of undressing and sensuality - I may come back to this!