Sunday, 23 December 2012

Read my Lips

Something to look forward to.  
In February 2013 my short story Read my Lips is in the print anthology by Xcite called Pleasure Me.  Pre-orders being taken.  Here is the link:

The book features twenty different tales by celebrated erotica authors, including Kaye Jaybee and Penelope Friday, which reveal the explicit exploits of those who devote themselves to enjoying sex to the full. From wicked wives putting on a show for their lusty husbands, to sex in the great outdoors, intimate seductions, wild one-night stands and kinky games of dominance and submission, you ll find stories here to tease and please you.

My oral/BDSM story, Read my Lips is drawn from personal experiences and there is an extract below...

I had prepared exactly as agreed – showered and wearing those knee-length tightly fitting boots with uber sharp stiletto heels.  Nothing else.  Not even jewellery or hair clips.  He had been very specific. Precision was part of the turn-on.
I had already unlocked the door, left it slightly ajar.  When my phone trilled its familiar fanfare to herald the arrival of a text, I nearly jumped out of my skin.  Squinting in the half light (having taken off my glasses for vanity’s sake) I read the illuminated words:
‘On way now.’
So, this was really happening.    
I began to have my doubts.  After all, I’d only met the guy once.  What if he had told his mates and set me up for a joke?  Who knows who might come through the front door – maybe with a camera?  I nervously dismissed this idea, which was too awful to contemplate, imagining Facebook shame.........Glancing up at the ticking clock, I realised I was trembling.  Five minutes to go now.  Would he seriously go through with it?  Would I?

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