Monday, 17 December 2012

E-book Cover Design Awards

Joel Friedlander, on his excellent site The Book Designer, runs monthly e-book cover design awards and I entered the covers for both Love Bites and Second Helpings.  I was delighted to get some really positive feedback from Joel and you can see this below. 

Check out the link to all the entries - there are always some fantastic designs included, a really diverse selection.

Elizabeth Cage submitted Love Bites designed by Klaus Hartleben. “I wanted to keep the food imagery of my first book in the series (Second Helpings) and for the typeface to help “brand” the titles in the series. It was great to work with a professional designer.”

Love Bites
JF: Wow. Okay, focus: yep. Clarity, sure. Economy, mood, yes to all of those. Well suited to the ebook environment, it’s a winner.

Elizabeth Cage submitted Second Helpings designed by Klaus Hartleben. “I wanted a simple, clean design for this collection of erotic stories. I’ve had very positive feedback from readers about the design and of the 3 erotic collections, this one sells the best, and I’m sure the cover has helped with this.”

Second Helpings
JF: See also Love Bites above. This one matches well and may have more tongue than I’ve ever seen on a book cover. Who knew tongue would sell so well?


  1. Hi Vikki - thanks! I'm really pleased with what the designer came up. He's Medway based and I would recommend him !! It was so satisfying to be involved in the design process. One of the joys of the indie route! I have had some quite tacky cover designs in the past with some of my published work but have never had a say in it.