Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bel Anderson: A Secret, a Confession and a Guilty Pleasure

I'm delighted to welcome back erotic writer Bel Anderson who has kindly agreed to contribute to my series A Secret, a Confession and a Guilty Pleasure.  

A Secret
I’ve been writing erotica for just over a year and have been lucky enough to have several stories published but I guess my biggest secret is that I haven’t told very many people about what I’ve been doing! My dirty little secret doesn’t sit all that well with my day-job (I’m not going to tell you what that is as I’m doing my best to protect my identity) so I have only told two highly trusted colleagues what it is I’ve been writing at the moment. It’s been difficult because there’s a certain amount of interest from other colleagues as I’ve also had stories published in women’s magazines, so I do get asked regularly what I’ve had published lately! I can’t let my dad read what I write (not that he’d want to!) and I’m not keen on the thought of my sister reading it because she can be pretty indiscreet. My (young adult) kids would rather die than read it (even if I’d let them) and I feel weird about any of my close friends reading it either!  So there it is – my secret!

A confession
I have Ocado come to deliver my shopping every Wednesday and I’m often writing when the driver arrives. I get a little kick from being all “Oh, hello, thank you so much, just over here please, that’s great, have a nice evening, drive carefully,” when I’ve got a load of filth up on the laptop screen. Sometimes, if I’ve been getting a little steamed up over what I’ve been writing, I wonder whether he’ll be able to sense it. Or maybe that sort of thing just happens in erotic stories…  

A guilty pleasure
Hmmm… I rarely feel guilt, but I do like indulging in pleasurable things! My view is that if you did something (or ate something) and enjoyed it, why feel guilty? I’m talking here about little things like over-indulging – or just indulging - not cheating on your partner or anything major that could hurt someone else. I ate two fairy cakes filled with buttercream in one go the other day because the first one was so nice and I was tired and lacking willpower. I didn’t feel guilty – although I probably should have – but I did have healthy tomatoes on toast for dinner that night to compensate! I really enjoyed them both and they gave me pleasure – the buttercream was PINK and so fluffily whipped, it was heaven on my tongue! Why ruin that pleasure by feeling guilty? Mind you, I’m not going to go shouting from the rooftops that I’m such a pig I can eat two cakes in one go.
Oops!  Bel x

Bel has previously been published in anthologies by Xcite books, has recently had stories published in Smut Alfresco and Smut by the Sea Volume 2. She is working on a non-erotic novel and also an anthology of erotic stories.
You can find her blog here:  and her work here:


  1. Thanks Bel! I love your confession about Ocado - there is definitely a saucy story in there!

  2. Thanks for having me! I replied to this yesterday but it hasn't appeared! It was fun being here! Bel x