Monday, 20 May 2013

Candy Knight: A Secret, a Confession and a Guilty Pleasure

I'm delighted to welcome erotic writer Candy Knight as today's guest blogger for  my series A Secret, a Confession and a Guilty Pleasure.  Over to you, Candy...

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A Secret
Well, my inspiration for writing 'Lapping it Up' comes from the fact that the 'Hubs' and I love alfresco sex and I thought how terrible it would be not to have a relationship that wasn't as 'hot' now as when you first met.  We are definitely your 'any time, any place, anywhere,' kind of couple as long as it's suitably secluded as we're not exhibitionists. We just like being outdoors.  But it certainly makes sex more exciting knowing that you could be caught out at any minute. As our hobbies include cycling, golf and off-roading we have a fair amount of opportunity.

I remember us being in deep thicket on a Surrey golf course when a wayward ball landed about four inches from my head. We laid as still as corpses as the owner of said ball poked around in the shrub just feet away from us for a good ten minutes before leaving empty-handed, which was very lucky for us as neither of us had a stitch on!

A Confession
It was never my intention to write erotica, my plan was to write 'How To' books and I had a good deal of success. However, after the third one I became bored and thought there had to be something more exciting to do but I didn't know what. Just a couple of days later I saw an advertisement for a course on how to write erotic fiction and I booked it without hesitating.
I'm a firm believer in writing what you know and feel and the two things I know a great deal about are weight loss and sex; after all, I've been married three times.

A Guilty Pleasure
It has to be watching Dallas. When I heard that it was being resurrected, I couldn't believe it. After all, it was fairly trashy the first time around. I'm absolutely addicted. The writing is fantastic, loads of sex and dirty dealings, together with one disaster after another. I certainly get a lot of ideas for new stories, without leaving my settee. I do hope that now J.R. is dead for real, they will continue with another series.

I currently have two short erotic stories on Amazon, 'Unintentional Mistress' & 'Rumour Has It', but I have moved away from being exclusive with Amazon and am about to publish my first anthology, 'Ultimate Gift' on Smashwords.

Click the link below to my website and read more about me and have a look at the stories and hopefully buy them -  they are available in all e-reader formats.

I have finished the first of three erotic paranormal stories that I will be publishing later this year. Here's a little taster for you, from the 'Flight of Fancy.'

Her hands stopped when they reached the soft blond curls between her legs. She slipped her fingers tenderly into her aching pussy. The sensations that she created between her thighs caused shivers up and down her spine. She really needed to unwind; it had been a bitch of a day.
Reaching out for a towel, she encased her flushed body in the fluffy softness. Patting her skin gently she walked to the bedroom. Opening the window, she threw herself onto the bed and stretched out her slim frame, luxuriating in the feel of the cool silk counterpane.

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