Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Thongs and Things: Blog Post Rewind

This post first appeared on http://thetardisscribbles.blogspot.com/ on 7.2.13

Many writers have recurrent images or familiar “things” that appear in their work repeatedly, often without them realising it.  It was only when I re-read my first short story collection (Kissing Velvet) years after it was published that I noticed what mine were. 

1.         High heels.  Usually shiny and black.
2.         Females with a penchant for going out naked beneath a belted trenchcoat.  Which is normally shiny.
3.         And finally, the one that seems to leap out at me every time I                 see it now.  
           Thongs.  Flimsy and lacy. Which are frequently ripped off in the            course of the action.

I know that all of these have erotic connotations – for good reason.  Which is why they appear so frequently.  But it’s a bit like the first time you hear yourself talking on a recording.  You notice all the “Errms” and start counting them.  (33 in my first ever local radio interview!)  Suddenly, you are aware of little else.   

Now, I do love shiny high heels.  And I have been known to step out wearing nothing but a belted trenchcoat (and heels).   But I stopped wearing thongs a long time ago. 

Nowadays, my female characters favour “lacy boyshorts” or go commando.  Occasionally they wear knickers.  Rarely panties (hate that word). I admit I find it difficult to find a suitably sexy expression to describe female undergarments. Once I do, I will doubtless use it all the time!

What are your writer equivalents of thongs? Do you have any favourites?

Extract (with thong!) from story Words and Actions from Second Helpings

I trembled as he lifted my skirt and slid a finger inside the wisp of fabric that divided my receptive pussy. ‘Are you still breathing?’
I moved my head, letting my cheek brush against his lips, my balance faltering, as he ripped the thong apart.
‘I’m going to fall,’ I began and before I could finish, we tipped forwards on to the non-slip purple mat, limbs entwined, thrashing, hungry. Our wild tongues met forcefully to the peaceful sounds of panpipes, trickling streams and birdsong, and my fingers impatiently tugged at his drawstring, releasing his rampant cock. I squeezed on its shaft, roughly, urgently, wanting to pull him inside me, to feel him filling up my wet, aching space.
‘Bugger foreplay,’ I murmured. ‘I want you now.’
I gasped as he entered, and all the time his hands were moving over me, not leaving my body for an instant, as if not wanting to sever the connection. As I felt my muscles tense against him, reaching towards the orgasm I craved, he groaned.
‘Not yet,’ he told me. ‘Be patient.’
Suddenly he pulled out, but before my cheated cunt could protest, he’d moved swiftly down my body, his tongue replacing his glistening cock in the vacant space. I lost all track of time as he used his tongue and fingers, separately, then together, bringing me repeatedly to the edge, like he was taking me on a long spiritual journey. And it felt so good I didn’t want to come, I wanted it to last, but it was getting harder to resist. Finally he brought me to the point where I couldn’t stop myself, even when he’d lifted his tongue and my gaping pussy was desperate to be touched again.
‘Please,’ I begged, hardly able to catch my breath.

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Second Helpings
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  1. My worst repetitive culprits are thick hair, green eyes and writing 'she felt herself...(followed by verb)' instead of 'she fell' etc! Great post. The stories are on my Kindle for holiday reading!

    1. Hi Linda - thanks for stopping by! It was a fun post to write!