Sunday, 29 September 2013

Erotic books, models, photographers and artists

A have a little space on my bookshelf for the hard copies of my erotic work (much of it is now in e-format only, sadly).  It’s also the home of two postcards of work by one of my favourite photographers and one of my favourite erotic artists. 

When I was a student I did a range of jobs to earn money, one of which was glamour and nude modelling for a Brighton studio.  It was quite an eye opener in some ways and I enjoyed the work, although I am not naturally photogenic and actually hide when someone wants to take pics of me!  In those days (the 1980s!) I had a good figure, loads of sexy clothes (from charity shops and mail order catalogues), taught myself make-up from a book by Britt Ekland, and no inhibitions.  I’d been to nudist venues and saunas, and did nude modelling for an art class, so I was pretty relaxed.  I’ve never really had any hang-ups about nudity.  The money was good, and I still have wonderful photos to remind me I did once have a figure! 

I loved “arty” shots, and was a fan of Helmut Newton and some of the amazing pics in magazines like Skin Two.  Then a photographer associate put me in touch with a photographer called Ian Sanderson and gave me some postcards of his work, which I loved.  Sophisticated, tasteful – and they satisfied my aesthetic sensibilities. I went to see him, and would have modelled for free, but although he took a few shots, I sadly never got to work with him.  But the card he gave me (behind the green goblet) with one of his pics takes pride of place on my bookshelf and inspires me. 

I am also a huge fan of the artist Ray Leaning, and we have a large framed print of his work in our living room, a Christmas present for my partner some years ago.  On my wish list is to one day commission a portrait, but until then I look at the postcard of the girl wearing a top hat and corset whenever I get the duster out and take it to the bookshelf…..

Who are your favourite erotic photographers and artists?  What takes pride of place on your bookshelf?


  1. I don't have a favourite - but I'm now in the mood to research this a bit!

    1. Hi Linda - there are some wonderful erotic artists and photographers out there....enjoy your research!