Monday, 16 September 2013

NEW! Slow Poison and other dark tales: FREE for 3 days

I'm taking a side step from writing erotica and have just published a collection of deliciously dark short stories that explore the darker side of human nature.  Infused with black humour, these 7 quirky, twisted tales remind us that some folk just aren't very nice...

The collection, called Slow Poison and other dark tales, will be FREE to download from Amazon TODAY until WEDNESDAY and is available in all Amazon territories. 
Once more Klaus Hartleben has produced a striking cover design. 

About the stories....

Slow Poison
There are people who nourish and people who poison. It can sometimes take a lifetime to realise that...

Keeping Mum
A cautionary tale for anyone who doubts that mum knows best. Perhaps Claire should have listened to her mother?

Four cute puppies in the home - what's not to love? Plenty, according to houseproud Marion. But what's the solution?

Death by Chocolate
Anthony has a plan. But life rarely goes to plan. A story of thwarted ambition, soured passion and murderous intent. And lots of chocolate...

Mother Love
When a mother/daughter bond becomes disturbingly dysfunctional.

Callie has trouble coming to terms with the disappearance of her beloved cat and blames her husband, Frank. But has Boodle really gone for good?

The Kiss
Can a lover truly forgive when his partner has an affair?

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  1. Thanks for this, Eliza - I'm looking forward to reading them! :-)

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    1. Thanks ladies! It's a bit of an experiment for me! :)