Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Sexy Stats and New Territory

I haven't checked Google Analytics for years for my Elizabeth Cage website. Which is pretty remiss of me. Clearly I don't practice what I preach when it comes to marketing and promotion. Anyway, I'm reviewing the future for Elizabeth Cage - so thought I should see if the website is worth continuing.  I started it in February 2007, a long time before the blog.

To my astonishment, my website gets an average of 4000 hits a month, with most visitors heading for the Reviews, Extracts and Books pages.  That's 48,000 hits a year.  I've really no idea if this is good, bad or indifferent, as it's not something writers generally discuss.  When I started out, it was more like 10 hits a month, so clearly that's an improvement!  However, this does not translate into book sales.

By comparison, my blog, which is considerably younger, having started it 18 months ago, gets around 700 visits a month.

I'm undecided about the future.  Should I stay or should I go? I'm about to bring out a new collection of stories for adults - dark, twisted tales, but not erotica, so a bit of a change for me.

I'm also planning a foray into You Tube.....more new territory.

A further evaluation of where I'm going is likely to take place next February.

So, what are your writing plans, and do your website hits translate into book sales?  I'd love to hear from other writers on this topic.


  1. Yup, you should add You Tube as another sales channel. I used to be at blogger and I get over 1,000 visits per day but this didn't translate into good sales. Then out of a sudden on the eve of Thanksgiving, without any warning, Google just shut down my blogger site.

    Now, I'm on my own hosted site and visits per day are rather pathetic. This is due to Google's attempt to make things difficult for online marketers in order to force them to sign up to Google's services.

    In order to succeed, you have to find a way to cut down dependence on Google search, till now, I'm still figuring out about this.