Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Precious Orchids: Day 2

How well can you really know someone?  Part 2 of Elizabeth's short story continues....
photo Roger Hyland

Precious Orchids : Part 2
‘You could disguise yourself and try to seduce him.  If the smug git really knows your pussy that well, the minute he went down on you he'd know he’s been tricked.  And you could have a laugh about it.’
‘But what if he didn’t guess it was me?’
‘Then, being a man, he’d probably screw you, which would prove he’s capable of cheating.’
This confused me. ‘That’s kind of twisted, isn’t it?’
‘Not at all.  Just harmless fun.’
‘Anyway,’ I’d shrugged. ‘It wouldn’t work.  He’d know it was me, unless I looked completely different.’
‘I could transform you.  I can transform anyone.  It’s my job.  Best make-up artist in the business,’ boasted Val, who had been a make-up assistant on the Harry Potter films. ‘Think about it.  I’ll get us another drink.  Same again?’
            The next day, I’d woken up with a massive hangover and a hazy memory of our odd conversation.  But as my head became clearer, I’d considered Val’s idea a little more seriously.  Me and Harry had been together now for five years.  We’d settled into a domestic routine, and I had to admit our relationship had become complacent.  I’d lied when I told Val the sex was still great between us.  It wasn’t bad - just a bit samey.  Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to spice things up a bit.  So Val and I began to plot a whole scenario. 
‘It’s not enough for you to look unrecognisable,’ Val decided. ‘For the plan to succeed, Harry will have to see you in a completely unexpected environment.  Where would he think you’d never dream of going?’
I considered for a moment.  ‘Apart from a football match?  Somewhere like a sleazy night club.’
‘Great.  That’s it then.  That’s where he has to pick you up.’
I was horrified.  ‘But why would I be at a seedy club?’
‘To put on a show, of course!’
‘You’re kidding.’
‘I know where you can go to learn proper burlesque striptease,’ continued Val, full of enthusiasm.  ‘They teach you properly.’
‘No way.’
‘Don’t be such a wimp. I’ll come with you.  Quite fancy learning myself.’
            So, after more cajoling from Val and a glass or two of wine, we’d gone to a burlesque workshop together.  It was a bit of a joke at first, and I did feel slightly self-conscious to start with, but once I got over my initial shyness, I began to enjoy myself. Like I was tapping into a hidden part of me I didn’t know existed.  Maybe I secretly liked the idea of showing my body off, but under a totally different persona.  Pretending to be someone else kind of freed my inhibitions.  I booked some extra practice sessions until I had worked out a sexy little routine. Our plan was coming together........ 

(continues tomorrow....)

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