Sunday, 13 April 2014

Precious Orchids: Day 1

photo Roger Hyland

This week is officially orchid week.  Well, it is here at Kissing Velvet. Let me explain. The fabulous burlesque performer, Missy Maybe, has kindly recorded some extracts from my erotica that I will be posting on You Tube (when I figure out how to do this - having a few techie issues!).  I've been thinking about images for the You Tube channel which will look good in different formats and sizes - something that is both beautiful and sensual.  Last year, I wrote a bittersweet and raunchy short story called Precious Orchids, which appears in the Best of Elizabeth Cage from Xcite. This is one of the stories Missy reads from.  An orchid is such an unusual flower - gorgeous, sensual and also very sexual - so I have decided that is the perfect image for the channel.  

To celebrate, every day this week I will be posting some stunning photos of orchids taken in Oahu, Hawaii by my partner, with an extract from the story Precious Orchids.  

I hope you enjoy.....and maybe by the end of the week I will have figured out how to post the audio files on You Tube!

from Precious Orchids by Elizabeth Cage.....

‘Are you sure this is a good idea?’ I wondered, as Val, my best friend,  made final adjustments to my luscious platinum blonde wig.
‘It’s a brilliant idea, Jo. You’re just getting cold feet, that’s all.’
‘Now close your eyes while I finish your make-up.’
I meekly obeyed, and the conversation that, weeks ago, had started all this, came flooding back.  Val and I had been sitting in a bar, getting steadily drunk. 
‘You know what Harry said to me the other night?’  I had murmured. 
Val, on her third Bacardi breezer, was getting distracted by a couple of toned young guys who’d just walked in with their kit bags, after finishing their workouts at the local gym.
‘Are you listening, Val?’ I’d demanded, irritably.
‘Yes.  I’m listening.  Go on.  Tell me what your Mr Wonderful said.’
‘We’d just had sex.  Great sex.  Really great sex. He’s a good fuck, you know.’
‘So you keep saying,’ Val sighed.
‘I was lying on the bed and he had his head between my thighs, ready to use his tongue again.’
‘I could do with a bit of that right now,’ Val muttered loudly, and the two guys at the bar glanced over at us.
‘He said, Joanna, my love, I would know your beautiful, precious pussy anywhere. If I had to choose from a hundred pussies I’d know, just by looking and from the scent, which one was yours.’
‘How touching,’ said Val.  ‘So if there was a competition called Name that Cunt, he would win every time.’
‘Apparently.’ I giggled.
Val looked thoughtful.  ‘If you were blindfolded do you think you could tell his dick from anyone else’s just by feeling it or sucking it, or fucking it?’
‘I’d like to think so.’
‘But you’re not likely to be put to the test are you?’
‘Suppose not.’
‘But you could put Harry to the test.’
‘If I told you there was a way you could have some fun with this - and see how faithful your husband really is - would you do it?’

I’d frowned.  ‘Depends.  What have you got in mind?’

(continues tomorrow....)