Friday, 18 April 2014

Precious Orchids: Day 5

photo Roger Hyland
Precious Orchids by Elizabeth Cage continued...

Val was waiting backstage, full of anticipation. ‘So, tell me what happened?’
‘This,’ I replied angrily, thrusting a wad of cash at my friend. 
‘He liked you, then!’
‘This is just the down payment! He asked me to meet him outside in fifteen minutes.’
‘Result!’ grinned Val. 
            But I wasn’t sure how I felt when I found Harry waiting for me in the alleyway outside.  It had started to rain.  He didn’t speak - just pulled me towards him and kissed me fiercely.  His tongue sent jolts of electricity through my eager body but I still felt weird about how things were turning out.  I turned around and started to walk away, but before I’d gone far, I realised I was compelled to carry on with the experiment. I looked over my shoulder and he smiled across at me. Let him seduce Miss Scarlet Blue, then, I decided.  
            Lying naked beneath him on the hotel bed, with his fingers buried deeply in the gaping wetness between my legs, I reflected that my husband was being unfaithful - with his own wife!  He must know it’s me, I told myself - how could he not?  But while these thoughts assailed me, my physical being responded to his passion, which had a rawness about it, an edge I’d never felt before with Harry. He was like a different man tonight.  Perhaps because he thought he was with a different woman?
‘You have the most gorgeous cunt,’ he whispered, ‘Like a precious orchid.’
I trembled, my mind racing.  Any minute now he would tell me he knew who I was, that even though I’d tried to trick him, his boasts had been justified. I waited, almost longing to hear those words.  But he merely continued to pleasure me with his thumb and forefinger, playing me, while my body arched and pushed against him. 
            ‘You remind me of someone,’ he added thoughtfully, before sliding his tongue inside, his fingers still rubbing my clitoris.  I was close to coming but I was getting increasingly annoyed, and, to make matters worse, my anger was enhancing all the sensations I was experiencing.  I didn’t know whether to be insulted because he didn’t seem to recognise me, or relieved.  It was so bizarre.  I was myself and yet I wasn’t.  He was my husband, but not acting like my husband.  Suddenly, without warning, I came violently and while I was still spasming he pulled his tongue away and pushed it into my open mouth while his hot, hard cock pummelled my throbbing cunt.
            We spent the next few hours doing things I’d never tried with Harry, things I would never dared to have suggested – and probably been shocked if he had! Finally, exhausted, at 2am Miss Scarlet Blue grabbed her clothes and left her new lover asleep in the hotel bedroom. I had to get home before he did.  I felt like a very naughty Cinderella, running in my heels and finery to flag down a taxi, before I turned back into plain old Joanna........


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