Thursday, 17 April 2014

Precious Orchids: Day 4

Will Jo be able to pull off her disguise as Miss Scarlet Blue and fool Harry?  Read today's instalment of Precious Orchids by Elizabeth Cage.......

photo Roger Hyland
The music started and I realised I would have to strut onto the small stage in my shiny six inch heels and tight fitting  blue velvet gown, perform a routine and strip down to my jewelled G string. 
‘Good luck,’ breathed Val.  ‘You look fabulous.’
But could I really pull this off?  Suddenly, almost before I knew it, the compere had announced the arrival of Miss Scarlet Blue and I was on stage, throwing my head back, shaking my new long, silky hair seductively.  My hips moved with a fluidity I never knew I possessed, as I performed my slow, simmering striptease, the emphasis very much on the tease. I peeled off my long black opera gloves, finger by sensual finger, before slowly unzipping my gown and letting it fall to the floor, to reveal a deep crimson boned corset, and black stockings and suspenders. The tightly laced corset maximised my voluptuous cleavage and peachy arse and as a roar went up from the crowd, my confidence increased.  I began to soar, on a high, as Miss Scarlet Blue shook her ample booty and pouted provocatively at the admiring onlookers.  And there, in the front row, was Harry, rapt with attention, unable to take his eyes off me, as the corset came off to reveal my sparkling nipple tassles and glittering G string.  Finishing off my act, I threw him a cheeky glance, watching his face for a reaction.  He gazed back, and I could tell he was consumed by lust with a capital L. Although I smiled I felt a strange mixture of anger and excitement. 
            But it wasn’t over yet and after Miss Scarlet Blue had left the stage I went over to him, trembling, determined to take it further.  By now, he was sitting in a corner, drinking whisky with a group of men.  This wasn’t going to be easy, standing so close.  He was bound to recognise me.  But on the other hand, the lights were low, and Val had done an amazing job with the make-up and wig.  Still enjoying my new persona, I flirted with him as he invited me to join them for a drink.  He flirted back, to my annoyance, trying to charm me with his small talk and dark, sexy eyes.
‘Would you like to go somewhere more private?’ I asked nervously, in the huskiest voice I could manage.
(continues tomorrow) 

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