Saturday, 19 April 2014

Precious Orchids: Day 6

Read the final part  of Precious Orchids by Elizabeth Cage!
photo Roger Hyland

When Harry arrived back at the house over an hour later, I was already soaking in the bath, the make-up, the wig, removed, all physical traces of the burlesque performer gone.
‘Hey, love, I thought you’d be in bed,’ he mumbled, leaning over to kiss me lightly on the forehead.  ‘Sorry I’m so late. You didn’t wait up, did you?’  He sounded so normal.  It was unnerving.  For a moment, I just stared at him, searching his face for clues.  But he wasn’t giving anything away.
‘You look really sexy lying there, the water lapping at your gorgeous big breasts,’ he said dreamily.  ‘God, Jo, I’m getting quite turned on just looking at you.’
The man’s insatiable, I thought, recalling his rock hard cock ramming me earlier, but I felt simultaneously flattered, if a little surprised by his response.  I should have been sleepy by now, especially after soaking in the steamy hot water, but my mind was wired, replaying everything that had happened since I became Miss Scarlet Blue.  But now it was Harry’s turn to play the seduction game. Peeling off his crumpled jacket and creased shirt and dropping them onto the bathroom floor, he leaned over me, his breath on my neck. 
‘Let me wash your hair, darling,’ he said gently, and I closed my eyes as he lovingly shampooed my naturally flame-red locks, his long fingers massaging my scalp tenderly before rinsing it clean, the shower head spraying soothing jets of warm water down my back. ‘Sorry I’m so late,’ he said again, and he must have repeated it several more times while he towelled me dry, caressing every inch of my body, lingering on my breasts and the empty space between my thighs.  I groaned while he rubbed exotic jasmine scented moisturising cream into my silky smooth skin.  He was naked too by now, and he pulled me towards him, his hardness pressing against my stomach. Kissing me softly, he took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Then he fucked me the way he had in the hotel only hours before, passionately, with almost violent force, his cock thrusting and pumping and deliciously punishing me until my poor cunt ached. 
‘Your precious orchid bud will be sore tomorrow,’ he whispered. 
‘I don’t care,’ I gasped, my heart beating madly. 
When we’d both climaxed again, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer as we lay panting, trying to get our breath back.  I gazed at him, his face so familiar yet, suddenly, so different.  I stared deeply into his eyes.  My smile bitter sweet, I said, ‘You remind me of someone.’   

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  1. sounds a real good fucking session !