Thursday, 22 November 2012

Aural sex

Already writers are forging new earning pathways, selling advertising space on their websites, and selling writing courses, advice and other services. The internet simply provides a bigger shop window in which to operate.  The products themselves are not new. 

What is new is the way that technological change brings the mechanism for e-books to become interactive experiences, by adding photos, video clips, sound and music, so they are no longer pure text.

I’m just visualising an interactive version of 50 Shades… or would that simply be a romantic soft porn film? 
Of course, when you see something on a screen, it can diminish the picture we have created in our heads of the story we are reading.  Our imagination can often be many times more erotic than someone else’s construction of how the characters look and speak.

For me, hearing the right, sexy voice read a story aloud, (but via a machine and perhaps with added sound effects), while I lie with my eyes closed in a darkened room or a scented bath, can enhance the experience. A kind of kinky Radio 4.  Hmmmm……….

Maybe that would be a great new product for writers – offering a service to read a story down the phone line at a pre-arranged time to clients.  It would have more immediacy and intimacy than an audio tape.

What do you think?


  1. I love the idea of this - but my husband would hate me doing it, LOL!

    1. I wonder if I should pitch the idea to Dragon's Den.....