Thursday 1 November 2012

Chantel C Guest Post: Sexy Stories

Well, I'm delighted to kick off my new series of guest posts, in which I invite writers to discuss fiction that turns them on, with Chantel C.   Over to you Chantel - and thanks so much for being my first guest author for the series!

I'm one of those people who doesn't have a favorite anything. Just a habit of mine of not picking one thing that I must have over and over.  When the question of favorite book that I find erotic was posed, I immediately thought of Anne Rice's Beauty Trilogy (The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty's Punishment, Beauty's Release)
I discovered this particular series when searching for other erotic fairy tales, which I enjoy reading often.  Many historically filter out the erotic edge for children's sake, and I wanted to read about all the darkness hidden under the light. 
The premise of the story is that Prince rouses Sleeping Beauty from her 100 year slumber.  It varies from the traditional Fairy Tale in that the Prince awakens her with sex, initiating her into a world where Princes and Princesses from other kingdoms are sent into sexual slavery during a period of their youth.  The royalty of the individual kingdoms encourage it and feel like it is important.  
What I enjoyed about the series is the way it made me think about a taboo subject.  Anne Rice took forced submission, non-consensual sex in essence, and made me think about how the mind begins to change and accept things it normally wouldn't. To go from rebelling against being bound, sodomized, pleasuring your master and being punished if you don't, to enjoying it and craving more of it was fascinating to me.  
I also enjoyed Beauty as a character because she evolved from a weak woman, in my eyes, to one in control of her awakened sexual desires.  She blossomed from beginning to end, and I felt like I blossomed with her. While I think sexual slavery is wrong in every capacity, I liked that the frank look at sex made me examine my need for and love of sex.  
Allowing a sexually traumatic situation to empower you in the end is huge!  Plus the scenes written to demonstrate how they forced people to submit were so intensely erotic it had me squirming in my chair. One I loved is after Beauty's dismissal from the castle; they send her to the village in a cart to be used by the villagers.   She clings to a man and they have sex standing up in the cart. 
I ended up writing a story on the topic, it moved me so much.  How interesting is the mind and how we handle pain, transforming it into pleasure.  
This book not only aroused me, it made me think. 
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Chantel C is a 20-something from the East coast. She inherited her voracious appetite for reading from her mother, who is still known to only pull her nose out of a book if one of her children screamed fire. For Chantel, writing started simply as a way to capture every thought in her journal, and slowly evolved into a desire to share the romantic and slightly deviant stories from her imagination. Even if real life is limiting, fiction knows no bounds. It's that need to step out of boundaries and into unknown possibilities that makes writing so attractive. Her philosophy is even if it comes out a little off; at least her creativity is being expressed. Chantel interacts daily with people in the realm of teaching, which only encourages her need to tell outrageous stories. She draws inspiration from her travels and her perpetually single state.
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