Monday, 12 November 2012

Barbara Cardy Guest Post: Sexy Stories - Best of both Worlds

The Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions: The Largest Ever Collection of Intimated Admissions by Real Women and Men (Mammoth Books)Today's guest post is from writer and editor Barbara Cardy, who was hugely supportive of my erotica when I was just starting out in the genre.  Barbara edits some fabulous anthologies and here explains what she likes and why in a piece of erotic fiction.

One of my favourite stories has to be 'Best of Both Worlds' that I selected for the Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions.  It's an absolute cracker and encapsulates so many titillating erotic genres; humiliation, submission, cuckoldery, corporate punishment, a master and being 'forced' to masturbate – and all for a wife not attending to her husband's domestic needs.  Jolly erotic and splendidly un-PC!  Ava's sexual urges aren't being satisfied by her husband and she's not keeping on top of the household chores so he sends her off to a Master with a letter listing her misdemeanours.  He's suitably appalled as well and gives her 14 of the best with a cane, and of course she has to count them out!  Tears spill over, but pleasure is there too and orgasm comes quickly to placate our poor heroine. 

If any of your readers would like to do a 'Look Inside' here is a link to my Amazon Author Pages:  And for it's

I love erotic stories where there is power-play.  That doesn't necessarily mean whipping and spanking, but also scenarios where one person is naked and the other fully clothed, or when a prude is coerced into doing something pervy against their initial judgement.  All the pieces I use in my anthologies in the first instance must be good stories, but I love humour in an erotic story and I want to be slightly shocked too. 

In January I have three new 120k-word (over an inch thick if they were a paperback) eBook titles coming out, again on the 'Confessions' theme: One straight, one lesbian and one gay.  Already available are 36 mini eBooks of short stories that I finished earlier this year.  I'm hopeful that these will be bundled into three substantial collections shortly as it represents better value to the reader, but as it is, they are under a £1 and under a $, so worth downloading for a quickie.

Most of my work is written anthologies, but I also have a photographic collection of male nude photography - a hell of a chore to select those images as you can imagine - but a definite hen-night staple if ever there was one! I was delighted that it was a finalist in the book category at the Erotic Awards 2012. 

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