Thursday, 29 November 2012

Nice Work and Wanton Words

Eve's Big Bang - a collection of five erotic stories
On a hot summer day, two strangers on a train share an unexpected brief horny encounter. The journey to the office will never be the same again. When Adrian walks away he can’t get the cool sexy redhead out of his mind but he’s already late for work and it’s the first day in his new job. He has to make a good impression. But fate has a wicked sense of humour and when Adrian meets Alice once more he soon discovers she has plans for him that far exceed his wildest fantasies.

She was leaning forward, a hint of cleavage on show. She had scribbled a note which she gestured for him to take.  Hands shaking, he took it, his fingers brushing her red painted nails.  Reading the words written clearly before him, his eyes widened in disbelief. He looked up at her again, his expression questioning.  She nodded. Glancing once more at the handwritten note, he removed his suit jacket and carefully laid it across his knees. Then, hands shaking, he slipped them beneath the cover of the jacket and unzipped his flies, grasping his already hard cock which was begging for relief.  It felt strange, illicit and very exciting.

This extract is from my story, Nice Work, which appears in e-book Eve's Big Bang published by Xcite.
I will be reading it at the next Wanton Words and Burlesque Bombshells show at 8pm Saturday December 1st at the Tom Thumb Theatre in Cliftonville.  Come and join us for an evening of saucy fun!

And if you can't come this time, then why not visit Amazon and check out Eve's Big Bang, which contains 5 sizzling stories by top erotic authors.



  1. I just downloaded this and plan on giving it a read tonight. I'll have to pop it up on my recommended reading list on my site.

  2. Thanks Chantel! I have just downloaded To her Knees and ticked Liked on Amazon. Look forward to reading it next week.