Sunday, 4 November 2012

Behind Kissing Velvet

He never kissed - not in the usual sense.  Not on the mouth, at least.  He said there were other ways to express how you felt about a woman.  He called it kissing velvet.  The velvet was her skin.  He thought it was smooth and soft, deliciously sensual.  The kiss? Well, that was the whip making contact with her velvet skin.

Kissing Velvet is about half way through my collection of the same title, and the last blog post on these stories.  It is also one of the stories I most enjoyed writing and exploring; a kinky, romantic tale.  

When hassled commuter Kym meets enigmatic Charles Gunn on a crowded train, their conversations about erotic books and films soon lead to something far more intimate.  Kym has often fantasised about a BDSM adventure, but will the reality be too intense for her to handle?  


  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the invitation to do a guest blogpost - I've never done one before, but I'd love to, of course! Now following you!

  2. That's brilliant! I will be in touch shortly. Thanks!

  3. Hi Linda - apologies for delay - I have been out of action past few days and now catching up with myself! Would you like to contribute a post for Sexy Stories, where I invite writers and editors to talk about their favourite erotic story, which can be a short tale, a novel or a novella. The post can be short and sweet or more expansive and go deep – but I’m interested in why your chosen story tickles your fancy. Is it the writing style, the language, the subject matter, characters, plot, descriptions - or some mysterious quality that is hard to define?

    I’d also like you to say how being a writer/editor affects how you read (if it does). Can you switch off your inner writer when you read?

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