Thursday, 25 October 2012

Blog Tour: Darkest Kiss, Darkest Bliss by Azura Ice

I'm delighted to host a blog tour from Azura Ice.....


It goes by many synonyms or expressions: airing one’s dirty laundry, the clothesline, slander, heard it through the grapevine, flapping h/her gums, and many others.

Ever deal with gossip? I’m sure you have; most of us do. Whether you’ve dealt with it in high school, in your neighborhood or even in a tiny town where everyone knows one another on a first-name basis, there’s always one person who starts running their chops about someone else. Back in the 1800s, if someone started a rumor, the person the rumor was about usually had to leave town. At that time, there was a verbal code of honor—a person’s word. People back then didn’t spread rumors unless he or she wanted to get rid of a person or even a family. During that era, a person’s word was honorable. However, if it turned out that the rumor starter was caught in a lie, they could never hold their head up among their neighbors again.

Deirdre, Darkest Kiss, Darkest Bliss’s heroine, deals with many problems. One such dilemma is the talk about her grandmother and, in the end, Deirdre, too. Was her grandma a witch, and if so, did she practice black or white magic? Is Deirdre’s husband running game and does Deirdre know about it? The rumors escalate and it all comes to an explosive head that rocks the town.

Deirdre can deal with the gossip, but what she can’t handle is having her love thrown back in her face. Once she discovers some of her mamaw’s magic, she uses it to not only settle a score but she inadvertently releases another man who will love her forever. And that man was the victim of gossip, too.

Hmm, maybe in every bad thing there’s some good, too. Why don’t you decide for yourself and read Deirdre’s story?
Deirdre loves Malachi, but the warning about his wandering heart has come true.

Shoved into a situation that tears Deirdre apart, she prays her suspicions about her husband are wrong. Glimpses of a powerful, handsome black man tantalize her, and his deep voice comes to her at unexpected times. Who is this stranger and how does he seem to always know when she needs him? The more Malachi follows his wandering heart, the more Deirdre finds herself drawn to her ghostly companion.

Soon it’s clear her husband has no intention of rectifying his playboy ways, so Deirdre turns to her grandmother’s book of Voodoo and faerie magic for help. Can she summon the power to keep Malachi with her…or will true love and magic from long ago release a new and powerful love?


Author Bio:
Azura Ice's work has appeared in a wide range of genres and publications such as: Would That It Were, Touch, GC, and Ohio Writer magazines as well as with publications in Canada and Turkey. Under her pseudonym, Molly Diamond, she was a regular contributor to Gent and Ruthie's Club and has had fiction published in Hustler's Busty Beauties, Penthouse Variations, and Twenty 1 Lashes. Ms. Bicknell is the author of many e-book and print titles, also writing as F.L. Bicknell and several other pen names. She has served as co-editor and managing editor for three different publishing houses. She is represented by TriadaUS Literary Agency.



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  2. Yes, I think gossip is everywhere. We can't avoid it now. It's in the magazines lining the grocery store checkouts and all over television.

    Hope your book tour has gone well!
    jessicasubject.writer at gmail dot com

  3. Good morning, Jessica! Yes, it's sad that we can't get away from gossip. You'd think with all the things available to do nowadays people would be less apt to gossip and do something constructive instead.

    And yes, my tour has gone quite well, thank you!

    1. Have loved hosting your tour, which has been very popular. Thanks and glad the tour has been a success. Azura Ice is a beautiful name too!

  4. Not to mention reality shows! I was hearing so much about Honey Boo Boo on TV that I had to google it. Her. Not sure why this family has a show. Even watching the smallest video clip of them creeps me out.That kid should NOT be on a reality show. In fact, NO ONE should be on a reality show. IMNSHO.
    Better stop before I go into a fullblown rant!
    Best of luck with the releases and the tour!

  5. Simple minds talk about other people...
    Average minds talk about events...
    Great minds talk about ideas. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

    We have become a nation of simpletons. Underachieving is celebrated, and the irony of the Simpsons' Bart being the standard-bearer for that is that you can watch that show on multiple levels: you can simply laugh at the comic antics of the yellow people with funny hair, or you can understand the in-jokes put into the story by the writers. Like the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons, and some of the Bugs Bunny cartoons, they are written on multiple levels so that adults could enjoy them also. Unfortunately, many adults don't seem to gain wisdom as they age anymore...they just get old and stay as dumb as rocks.
    What a modern tragedy!

  6. Taryn, I despise that show! My youngest dau was watching it a few nights ago and I forbade her from watching it any more. Not only that one but Teenage and Pregnant...or something like that...and Dance Moms. All those shows infuriate me.

    Fiona, I despise reality shows unless it's something like Swamp Wars where I learn about science, animals, etc. I agree with you!

  7. Gossip is a dangerous thing. I've found that it is usually better to stay to oneself while others are in gossiping mode. Great blog tour!

  8. This book sounds interesting. I'll have to give it a read soon. It's on my wishlist. :)