Saturday, 13 October 2012

Walking the Talk 2: Goddess Star Monroe

I have always admired driven and determined women.  And there are few women as driven and determined as Goddess Star Monroe.  By her example she shows you what CAN be done – if you work hard enough and stay focussed.

I first met Star well over ten years ago.  She taught Pilates and is a great teacher.  I attended her Kent classes for many years, so when she added pole dance tuition to her portfolio I couldn’t wait to join.  I had previously taken part in a one-off pole dance workshop in London, was the oldest person there by a long way and came away with my confidence shattered.  By contrast, when I took structured classes and some one-to-one tuition with Star, within a few years not only was I achieving moves on the pole I would never have imagined possible for me, I was also teaching assistant for some of Star’s beginner groups, and, eventually, became part of her team as a fully-fledged tutor running my own classes.  My body was the best it ever has been, I felt sexy as hell, my self-esteem was climbing and this had a knock-on effect throughout my everyday life.  It influenced my writing and played a significant part in my subsequent personal relationships, and I sometimes wonder if I would be where I am now if I hadn’t met Star.

We are inspired by dynamic people and what they achieve because they show is what is possible.  Star is powerful, vibrant, glamorous with a capital G, a hugely successful role model for women.  As Director of the Academy of Womanly Arts, it is no surprise that she is in demand as a speaker and woman’s empowerment expert. Passionate about transforming women’s lives on a global scale, Star has been a vital catalyst in mine.  I’m convinced she will conquer the world. I hope so.

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