Monday, 8 October 2012

Erratic erotica

Last night I was part of another sell-out Wanton Words and  Burlesque Bombshells Show at the lovely Tom Thumb Theatre.  I read two of my erotic short stories from Xcite anthologies - After the Funeral and Road Rage.  I always get really nervous beforehand, and sometimes I can overcome this when I start reading, sometimes not so much.  Reading your own work is so different to writing it!  I'm now busy selecting what to read at the next event in the Canterbury Fringe Festival on October 18th.

Anyway, I enjoyed chatting to two lovely ladies from the audience afterwards who asked if my blog was erotic.  I replied that I hoped it was, but that it was a bit erratic at times.  This amused them and one coined the phrase "erratic erotica".  I love that.  Erratica!  A new word is born.

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