Sunday, 14 October 2012

My Pleasure.....

When self-employed graphic designer Anna Vincent meets her new accountant to discuss her disorganised book-keeping, she is also introduced to his collection of antique whips.  I’ll say no more, as I'm sure your imagination will fill in the gaps if you are of a kinky persuasion (and I love kinky!).  Except to give you a little excerpt from the story My Pleasureone of the tales in my collection Kissing Velvet.

By the time they had reached six strokes, Anna’s flesh was a criss-cross of thin red stripes that stung unbearably. 
“Perhaps one more for luck,” he suggested playfully, running a finger in the hot valley of her shapely bottom and down between her thighs, where he paused.
“Interesting” he commented, “Surprisingly wet.”

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