Monday, 1 October 2012

Erotic ranking

Interesting to see that of my 3 recently and simultaneously published titles, there is a clear “leader” in terms of popularity.  The ranking is as follows:
Second Helpings
Love Bites
Crimson Kisses
I wonder why.  Is it the cover designs?  I’m convinced they play a major part.  I love the designs that Klaus did for me.   
Or maybe it’s down to the subjects in the stories.  Second Helpings is mainly vanilla but more romantic, with plenty of twists.  And romantic erotica is huge right now (thanks to FSOG). 
Love Bites is quite quirky and humorous, and includes threesomes (FMM), and voyeurism.
Crimson Kisses is very different – it’s a kinky tale of paranormal lesbian romance, dark in tone and quite intense, as are the poems that follow, which chart an obsessive BDSM relationship. 
So, something for everyone!

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