Monday, 8 October 2012

The Right Fit?

Kara thought that the scene before her was far more interesting than the porn film and as the woman with the spiky collar stood behind her and began to caress her breasts, Kara felt herself becoming aroused.   A man with his back to her, in a black rubber tee shirt, naked from the waist down, was thrusting in and out of an abandoned female who was grunting in ecstasy.  Another woman with honey blonde hair had her tongue up his arse.  Realising that they were being watched, the blonde woman withdrew her tongue and turned to face Kara.  She was smiling, saliva dripping down her chin.  “Care to join us?” she asked, parting her lips….

The Right Fit, one of the tales in my collection Kissing Velvet, was partly inspired by people I had met and parties attended.  It was also asking the question, is there such a thing as the perfect partner? Can you have everything? Kara is disappointed in love and, after a string of disastrous relationships, vows to have nothing more to do with men.  Unless the right one comes along, of course, one who fits her perfectly in every way. Then she encounters Dick…..and learns that three doesn’t have to be a crowd…… 

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