Thursday, 11 October 2012

One Night Stand

One Night Stand, is one of my favourite stories in my collection Kissing Velvet.  I got hot writing it and still do when I read it, even now. I did have a man in mind when I wrote the character of Phil, who, on the surface, is one of the good guys.  Too nice, even.  But Helen soon learns that she really shouldn’t have taken Phil for granted.

My head was spinning.  Too much alcohol I told myself.  I must have misunderstood.  Phil is a friend, a mate.  A good, solid, reliable bloke. He couldn’t possibly be suggesting this.
“Let me get this right,” I said slowly.  “You’re saying that if I spend the night with you you’ll pay me ten grand, right?”
“Would you want sex?”
“That would be part of the bargain.”
“So I would be a very expensive prostitute.”
“I don't want a hooker,” he said quietly.  “I want you. Just for the night.  I have this fantasy.  You would be completely at my mercy.”

And so begins a night of exquisite BDSM that Helen will never forget…and which she can’t wait to repeat. 

Starting at my ankles, he attached the rope to the bedpost at the foot of the bed, fastening me with a series of loops and knots before moving on to my wrists.   He was methodical, fastidious, pausing to check that the knots were secure before proceeding, admiring his handiwork. Finally, when he was satisfied, he stood back and just looked at me for a while, contemplating my naked spread-eagled form…. 

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